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What would rides be like on the moon?

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How have I not seen this thread before?!?!?


I have always wanted to know what rides on the moon are like! And now I know!!! Or at least I think I do. Although I'm still curious about the structural integrity of cheese.


This thread should be the encyclopedia of all things moon ride related.


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One thing for sure is that drop towers would be super slow and boring, although it would be a beautiful sight to look up at Earth while on a roller coaster


Actually, you would still feel the same weightlessness riding a drop tower on the moon that you would feel on earth, even more so since the moon lacks an atmosphere, eliminating air resistance.

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I think its too forceful for the moon. The moonites would need to build it specially. The forcefulness of the ride would make Master Shake's lid come off, resulting in the spilling of his brain. Then the moonites would require boob sacrifice as their is no money on the moon. In short moonsault scramble would be terrible because of the moonites. However, I am the master of the moon, so I could build it based off a video game. Thank god for adult swim.



If they put space mountain on the moon do you think they would bother theming it, or just leave it open? Would there be earth mountain?

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Wow, I missed this a coulpe of months ago...but looks like getting know what rides would be like on the moon might become a reality thanks to my ex-boss, Richard Branson!




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People have been complaining about the new super long brake runs on the new B&M coasters but I think everyone has missed the true reason.


Isn't it obvious? These rides were never meant for Canadas Wonderland and Dollywood, they were meant for the moon where there is no air resistance and rides lose speed slower so they need longer brake runs.


It all fits.

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