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PortAventura Discussion Thread

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^Leviathan's brake run serves as both an MCBR (the flat portion at the top) and a final brake run (the downhill portion to the station). It lets them run three trains effectively, so that, theoretically, a train can crest the lift hill as soon as one starts the sloped portion of the brake run. Shambhala I'm not so sure about, considering that the MCBR is really close to the final brake run. The downhill section of this ride's final brakes seems unnecessary, as the flat portion is more than long enough to contain a primary, secondary, and a transfer section of brakes (see Nitro, SFGAdv). But it's there, so it must be for some reason!

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B&M seems to be really fond of super-long brake runs lately... Any particular reason for that?





Scroll back and take a look at DK's brake run- and that's one of their oldest rides.


[ And I LOVE the new paint job on DK's trains.]

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^I've personally ridden three B&M megacoasters (Goliath, Apollo's Chariot, and Diamondback) and I actually liked the new trains more than the old ones. Nothing is wrong with the old ones, but I liked the sense of freedom in the staggered trains. And this rattle people talk about isn't something I've ever really noticed, but I'm also never looking for it.

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Are staggered seating trains really that bad? I hope not because I'm looking forward to skyrush as well as this but have never tried these new train designs before.


Skyrush is completely different - different manufacturer, different design and all.


I've only experienced the new trains on Diamondback, and the rattle they produced was enough to give me a headache after the third ride. And I'm not one to care about roughness - Grizzly at KD is one of my favorite woodies, I don't find Mean Streak at CP to be as rough as everyone complains about it being, and Beast at KI was easily my favorite coaster there. I've heard similar complaints about the rattle on Intimidator and Behemoth, and if it isn't something that they've taken note of and fixed I'm not sure why they keep producing these trains, while the older hypers like Nitro and Apollo's Chariot are still smooth as glass.

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It's not the rattle that bugs me - I'd bet that a traditional-style B&M train with 10 or 11 cars probably weighs the same as the staggered train with 8. 44- or 40-passenger vs 32.


Shambahehooler still looks great, and I doubt the trains are bad at all. I just hate impracticality.

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Walls and walls everywhere, not to mention the mess of supports...


I am glad to see the station tower "topped off". I really like the look of the small "village"-esque buildings and the basic light yellow-red colour scheme...


From the other side...


The entrance to the section, where Fumanchú used to sit (mind you, Fumanchú won't be operating this season and it is rumoured it could make a comeback next year...)


First drop tunnel looks like SFMM's Goliath :S I hope PA theme it well...


B&M feast...


To finish this update, I will post a photo of Shambhala from yesterday.



It was very rainy and foggy. In fact the fog was so thick you couldn't see the top of Shambhala's hills at times... It looked like the real Himalayas!

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It all depends on whether it rides like Behemoth or Silver Star but I think it's safe to say if it's the former then we're looking at the World's best B&M Hyper. A true airtime machine with fantastic theming. I'm going to have to wait until September to ride this thing though, can't handle those summer queues at PA. Now if only they could get some new trains for Baco and Stampida

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