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PortAventura Discussion Thread

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Interesting video. I agree it doesn't look official but it looks like something rushed to get the concept of the train out. I'm sure there will be better videos of both Aventura's and Cedar Point's Intamins upon announcement times.

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If those are the trains.... They look SO cool.


The middle bit reminds me of a Bullet Train a bit.. Or something like that... How awesome would it be if you could sit on the outside of abullet train...


300km/h + Tree....

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De cara al 2007, se prevé estrenar en la zona de la mediterránea una nueva montaña rusa, capaz de acelerar de 0 a 135 kilómetros en menos de 3,5 segundos, 'más rápida que un Ferrari de Fórmula 1', la cual lleva por nombre provisional de Accelerator y conllevará una inversión de alrededor de 15 millones de euros.


'En breve' se iniciará la construcción de esta atracción 'única en Europa', tipo lanzadera, que hará un recorrido de 850 metros a ras de suelo o agua, pasando por trincheras y túneles, en 30 segundos, y tendrá tres trenes, cada uno con seis coches para 24 pasajeros.


Source: Terra and PA-Community


The article comes from the spokesman of PortAventura and says that the coaster will be opened in 2007. It says again that it will accelerate from 0 to 135 (84 mph) in 3,5 seconds, and he compares it to the acceleration that a racing car might have.

Finally, the investment for that ride will be around 15 million €uros, as said above, in the article.

The article also confirms that the construction should begin early because it will be unique in Europe. He describes it as a 'shuttle coaster' (WTF?) and it will have a lenght of 850 meters (about 2600 feet) and will last 30 seconds. This figures let us know that the initial 55 seconds were a rip-off. 30 seconds of adrenaline and the rest, unloading and loading.

Finally it says that the trains will go really close to the ground, and sometimes going through trenches dug to create a 'oh-my-god-I-am-going-to-crack-my-legs' feeling. One detail, which in my view is important: the ride will feature three 24-passenger trains divided into 6 rows of 4 people sitting at either of the sides of the rails (2 per side), instead of the 2 27-passenger trains initially stated.


So, what do you think of these new details confirmed about the new coaster? Personally, I'm getting more and more disappointed with this new ride. I thought it would have at least some height to get some major airtime, but no... a crappy figure-8 layout.

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Hmm.. Elissas right, doesnt look official.. It could be for anything...


... maybe even possibly an early render of the new coaster being installed at CP? Theres quite a few similarities... Same color track, same type, same color supports, put 2 and 2 together (maybe means 2 seats on either side of the train) I dont know, just a thought.

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Let's quote Ole Lange NoLimits developper on Coastersims.com:


There is not a single all-in-one professional version. Instead each company gets their own special professional version with features depending on what they purchased. I confirm that the Intamin coaster simulation for Port Aventura was made using NoLimits. The coaster style used for this video was an exclusive job and it will not be part of the next update or following updates as long as the exclusive state of the coaster style is not changed by Intamin.


- Ole



So this video IS official...

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Screamscape has apparently found several photo's of the P-A new ride for 07.

I believe these photo's were available before, but I couldn't find them (or apparently were taken down from the source-newspaper), but Screamscape (Lance) has apparently located them.


The ride appears to have a figure-8 layout (hope it is more intense than the photo's show).


Credit link: http://www.screamscape.com/html/portaventura.htm

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A fastest rollercoaster in Europe!!!


Roller Coaster: Unknown

Amusement Park: PortAventura (Salou, Tarragona Spain)

Type: Steel - Sit Down

Status: Under Construction opening 5/2007

Make / Model: Intamin AG / Accelerator Coaster

Designer: Ingenieur Büro Stengel GmbH

Lift / Launch System: Hydraulic Launch

Capacity: 1500 riders per hour


Length: 2788' 9" (850 m)

Inversions: 1

Speed: 83.9 mph (135 km/h)

Duration: 0:55

G-Force: 4.7

Max Acceleration: 0 − 83.9 mph in 3.5 seconds

Elements: In−Line Twist



Trains: 3 trains with 6 cars per train. Riders are arranged 4 across in a single row for a total of 24 riders per train.

Trains: The rows on the train straddle the track, so two of the four are on one side while the other two are on the opposite side. This arrangement is much like a 4th dimension roller coaster, but the seats do no rotate.




Cost 15 million Euros.


Located in the Mediterrània portion of the park.




The Theming:


PortAventura recreates every attraction of the park with a history. The coaster that will be constructed in the area of the Mediterranean one will be an eccentric machine that will transport barrels of wine.


For a few days, one of the secrets better avoided this PortAventura to exhibition it publishes. The new attraction that still does not have official name, must fulfill the processing before obtaining the opportune license to begin the works. Thanks to it, the tematización of this train, which passengers were travelling out of the fuselage, has stopped being a surprise, though when it(he,she) has the premiere (makes the first sale of the day) it was causing a great sensation as the rest of attractions that PortAventura has from his beginnings.


The subject matter of the coaster is that of a mad inventor who looks for the way of transporting his barrels of wine from the field up to the store. Before her, we will see like, a few dummies designed by the inventor recogeran the grape to do wine. Before rising to the tape transporter (the attraction in if), different environments will enjoy themselves to scare the traveler. The inventor has a series of dummies to gather grape and others that it will use to verify the reliability of the tape. At the end of the same one, a great quantity of arms, legs and torsoes they will verify that the invention still not this one fitted completely to take the barrels correctly across without suffering mishaps.


Besides, when the passengers rise, they will verify these during the trip of little more than half a minute that the speed sensation combines with a distance full of obstacles that seems that they could dismember the most bold. Branches and trunks of trees near the seats will give the senación of which they can damage the travelers during the trip.


At the arrival, a glove of beisbol enormous will preside at the platform. Theoretically it is the emergency brake that the inventor places for if the tape does not stop in time. The users also will happen for a forest that will recreate a vineyard replete with sculptures of bottles of wine and barrels. And during the distance, the troubadours' music was recreating a relaxed amibiente, everything opposite to the sensations that viviran on the new attraction. Ultimately, in the shop of souvenirs, the photos with the faces desencajadas of the users will be framed in different styles of etiquettes of wine.


This launcher will have six compartments and a whole of 24 seats. Apart from the recreation wine plant, the tour sera brief but with many intensity.


The company Thinkwell Europa SL is the manager of realizing this attraction of exclusive form for PortAventura. On the memory deposited in the headquarters of Centre Rercreatiu and Turistic (CRT) - that this to exhibition it publishes until the ends of the month - describes that for April 25, the company must deliver the attraction to the park, and this maybe be proved on the area before finishing the same month.

Though it is not date of inauguration, the memory explains that podria to be in funcinamiento at the beginning of June, though the park decide that it dates is most indicated.


The cost of the attraction between work and train overcomes 27 million €. It thinks that in the different rooms it will be possible receive a maximum of 1600 persons, counting from the tail to enter up to the workers.



And this is a video of the simulation by No Limits




This coaster promises to be extremely exciting...


Does someone sign to his inauguration?!?!


I will keep you informed about all the innovations

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Maybe it is Intamin's anwser to X because the Ball Coaster seems to be dead as of now.



There will be two Ball Coasters build next year...


As far as this new coaster goes...

I LOVE it! I for one like the fact it has no hills. I've seen too many of these. I want a great sense for speed al the way throught the course, and this ride seems to deliver...

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I agree, i can't wait to feel just raw speed for the whole trip.


TheGreatOne Posted: Tue Aug 01, 2006 6:53 am Post subject:




The ride will go from 0-83.9 in 3.5 seconds...and from operating to down for two weeks in 2.4 days.


So True.

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Wow the layout is a bummer, there isn't any big hill or something! It's just a almost flat track with (luckily) an inversion


It may not have any hills, but the first drop should give some air time, and the turns should pull some nice G's. Remember, you will be going at least 60+mph through the course of this coaster. It will be unique, and even if there isn't an air time hill, it should be a great ride.

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If there is Air - Time, not in big hills, but initially, after the first tunnel this descent can have it, and when the routes cross, also.


Does to concentrate on KingDa Ka's hill, who was going to say that there there is Air - Time??


Remember, that the speed is going to be kept until the end, 135 km/h

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New photos and video of the construction. In 1 month the structure arrive to the park







And the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqLwA_vD9xk


The name of the coaster now is a mistery... and already they are starting selling felt of what some of them believe that it will be the pet of the coaster:



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