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PortAventura Discussion Thread

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My English is not that good..

But they will have 30.000.000 € for 2010 - 2012 for a new child area : Sésamo Aventura

Claudio Mazzoli says that there will be a new coaster (the highest from Europe) they will build it in China zone.

If there someone who can translate my link..? and make a good topic ?




On the morning of Sunday, December 12, 2010, at the same time a large group of participants Parksmania Awards crossed the gates of Big Ben, being in the area for this event I took the opportunity to visit his friend Claudio Mazzoli that always says that one of My favorite artists and inspiring teachers. The detour takes me into the living room of his beautiful house just steps from the lake, not far from the park that he helped make one and I'll have to get a little later. Over coffee, an informal discussion is a starting point to this interview where Claudio reveals the current and future projects, and makes some considerations on the evolution of the world of theme parks.


Claudio, talk about your new professional boundaries after many years at Gardaland.


My new professional boundaries are first to PortAventura in Spain, in Barcelona, where I am working with Mr. Feder is the new president and CEO of the park, I'm looking forward to a new area for kids in practice is a Fantasy Kingdom such as Big Ben, a section just for children missing in the park. The style here is "cartoon."


What do you think of the structure that you are getting, how would you be able to change and what topics do you rate that one can still develop to PortAventura?


The park is great! It 'great, wonderful hotels and level Californian who are always full: a park is very well maintained and well managed, the food is great, works great and I would say that almost was not affected by the crisis ... or very little. We are putting the "icing on the cake", that is we are finishing. I also made proposals to give a little 'more life and verve to land some of the existing park, but we will see this in the future. In the district of China are also developing another project for the future of a large and impressive attraction, details of which are currently top secret.


Reveal to us some more details about this area cartoon under construction! Theme that follows, is based on the unique characters?


It is based on the characters of Sesame Street, but they are used in a "soft" or not is a theming based on these characters in an exaggerated way because we wanted to do something self: there is a "feel" of these characters, but going forward ... we'll see.


Other projects?


I have a project in L'Aquila, we're seeing to a park just outside the city to give back a bit 'of life to these people. Involved a lot of characters of both the Church, with some cardinals, and both the political world: big names at the time that discretion would not want to reveal.


Give us some details on the technical and artistic project, since it is a park that covers Italy.


It 's a new park in the sense of structure, not the theme park as "Disney Mom" has conceived and which we in Europe have followed the road. Gardaland, Wonderland and the various parks in Europe such as German ones, are all imitative of the conception of which Disney park. This is my new concept based on the children, where they participate in and are the protagonists, the "main actors" theming is, of course, but in terms of children, and consequently, their parents.


So a "family park" innovative: we could say that it is a prototype, the new way of creating a model of Italian park other than in Disney has been much theorized in the past?


Sure. It 's a novelty in the world. We have already experimented setting up a "test" in a castle here in northern Italy, and we made 27 000 people a day, which are many! He was a handsome six-eighteenth-century castle, not a medieval fortress, took me just the nose, but friends who had created the initiative, although disorganizzatissimi, have 27 000 people a day for a week, so mindful of this We have redesigned the thing and this will be the new ... maybe that'll be involved, too!


Hopefully! Can you tell us something, in broad terms about the issues?


E 'fantasy, very fantasy! Think of "The Lord of the Rings" as a type, a medieval ideas with other neighbors, where the visitor is really involved in a great imagination.


I guess not a medieval castle with invented, seen in key American "at Disney," which are a bit 'all the reworking of the Bavarian castle of Ludwig, who in turn was a nineteenth-century fake! That is an invention that has no place in time: their famous renaissance style ", but we have DNA in its history, the Renaissance ...


No, it absolutely is not! You know that I am a medievalist and a fanatic of the Renaissance and I always try to keep your feet a bit 'further down ... but there is still a lot of imagination. The term I prefer is that around one thousand four hundred, four hundred and fifty. Leonardo Da Vinci, Lorenzo the Magnificent: that is my renaissance, but from there then complete the fantasy part with things that fly, dragons, orcs and so on. I did everything!


Time for the birth of this park?


The time is long because the project started as an impetus for me because I wanted to help free these people, then as it has started and has been involved with the church world I met a group of nuns headed by Mother Nazarene a missionary nun who was an extraordinary person with them, we decided to give birth to an idea that did forget the link between L'Aquila and the earthquake. There was the earthquake in Assisi, Assisi, but "San Francisco is," Foligno "is the" Palio ", L'Aquila must be - I do not say the park - but a place that must be reborn. L'Aquila is destroyed, is to throw down. Unfortunately there is a place that you can save, is to throw down and rebuild, keeping the historic facades of some buildings, but again almost from scratch. It looks bombed by the air: it's all held up by structures, pipes ...


So a good initiative, as well as in terms of family entertainment also becomes socially useful task.


Yes, and I met some really fascinating people that become involved in the project are made. Came forward many Italian industrialists, big names ... but really great! We are associated fascinated by this project. I was left with an idea of what a 20 million Euro, a parchettino ", while the strength of these people we have come to figure quite challenging.


As you can see the evolution of theme parks in Italian? What development opportunities do you think there may still be in the coming years? I'm talking about new parks, but also to existing structures that are being transformed.


Parks Italian for me ... I'm not saying they are intended to close, because people go there and probably always will, I hope for them, but there's nothing innovative! That is not trying to learn something new.


And abroad?


I was recently at Disneyworld and Universal Studios in Florida: Magic Kindom was quite empty. At Epcot Center, I worked for the park when it was created, the atmosphere is really decadent ... and if here in the World Showcase on the whole there was someone, I repeat that Magic Kingdom was very little with the public. At Universal Studios, or rather, to Island of Adventures, there was the full house: the area of Harry Potter there was a row, you had to book to get even. The Harry Potter ride is really beautiful, made so divine, but the "final" does not exist: that is missing the "spirit" of Walt Disney. When we talk we talk about Disney's Marc Davis, Ken Anderson, Al Bertino ... the spirit in making the parks, that world of fantasy, there's more.


I said my master, production designer Nino Novarese, "But you see, dear Claudio, the dinosaurs of Disney, they smile, they are not real dinosaurs," and was a flaw in his opinion, however for me was that the added value, the value Disney was joy! Harry Potter at Universal Studios is beautiful but bleak, perhaps this taste is the mirror of a generation a bit 'sick, that there is hope and it pours into everything we create today. That generation of Disney artists I mentioned were people who "played", today there are very good guys who do things with technology frightening, but do not have the imagination because he has been castrated. Today, Disney is in the hands of people who are no longer the dreamers of the past.


Harry Potter has done so incredible and technically impeccable, but if you look at the old Pirates of the Caribbean in Los Angeles, the sets were done on canvas painting was a bit 'naive, however, there was this joy, color, music ... Harry Potter is "true", a castle on a rock real han done with a spectacular interior, but it's all gray, all dark, soulless! Explain to you "but the world of Harry Potter is gray ... I understand, but despite a technology vehicles moving between projections and 3D shapes is a great electronic final darkness, come out and say" boh ". There is the joy of the final color!


What do you think of 3D animation?


3D is a new technology that allows you to do impossible things: you see the tissue, skin, moles. According to me, and I do not think wrong, the actors in the flesh will disappear one day and there will be players in 3D. They have already made the film so, I watched a movie the other day and said "that's strange face that guy," then I realized that everything was done in computer animation, and very comfortable with real weapons and special items. But once again missing the soul. While Bambi, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, the old cartoons were a historical thing moving, they were really works of art.


I knew the people there were my colleagues. I was the kid who wore out to eat at the tennis club, and with the mouth open and drool I was listening to what they said filling them with questions: "But Walt Disney was, it was dude, how was foo". They have made the Disney drew the seabed, for example Walt Peregoy had designed the backdrops for the Sleeping Beauty! Back to 3D, I think you should try to bring technology, but always with artistic taste. The cartoons in 3D are beautiful because it is an incredible technology, I do not use because they are still "at the crank and the bullets," but put in the right hands can make come out of the masterpieces.


Claudio Mazzoli in this period was also running a major exhibition of art in the United States, which includes a wide range of great paintings and sculptures in bronze.




1) Claudio next to the masterplan and plastic processing park designed to L'Aquila. Can not yet reveal the details, but kindly posed for a photo collection that documents the progress of this exciting project.

2) Mazzoli before the draft for a big attraction, "The Divine Comedy".

3) In the laboratory where he creates beautiful armor with the same methods of the builders of ancient weapons. The works are perfect and unique.

4) An acrylic painting created at the time of his collaboration with the Landmark Entertainmenmt, the Hollywood company specializing in the design of theme parks and film production.


ADMIN EDIT: I went ahead and added a translated copy of the linked article.

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Hi everyone,


Today I bring new things in new child area PortAventura.


The first is the new map with the extension of "Sesamo Aventura"taken out of Pa-Community.com.




And the second is a promotional video on youtube about the area, with characters from Sesame Street ...




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Well, considering Investindustrial (current PA owners) used to run Gardaland, I am not surprised to see similarities to the Prezzemolo (whatever spell it has) area.

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Hi everyone,


Today I bring you new images of the construction of the entrance area, and from the construction of the area. User http://www.capte.org drawn from Cristian.



Images of sight area as has been the area. Taken from pa-community.com




Also, I bring you new promotional Youtube Videos of the area.




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And new information:


According pafans.com and pa-community.com, they could be and the names of the facilities of the new area PortAventura theme:


The area open with the opening of the new season at the park on April 8, 2011.


These are the attractions that we will find:


• "Árbol Mágico"-Magic Tree : The tree fantasy of 12 meters located in the center of the area is featured by squirrels and will set the stage for shows with characters from Sesame Street.

• CocoPiloto: An aerial Monorail as a plane that will travel the "SésamoAventura" height.

• "Mariposas Saltarinas"- Jumping Butterflies: A rotary attraction, where kids can go up and down through the power of pedaling.

•"La Granja de Elmo"- Elmo's Farm: A fun filled farm animals that travel in tractor, accompanied by a cute soundtrack.

• "El Salto de Blas" -The jump Bert: Two seven-meter tower, where children can rise to the top and drop into a freefall fun.

• Magic Fish: Featuring water where fish mounted on a spin around the lake.

• Cookieland: A large play structure where large climbing, jumping and sliding down slides.

In addition: Tami-Tami, Loco-Loco Tiki and Waikiki, the attractions that already existed in Polynesia are incorporated into the new area Re-themted.


In addition SésamoAventura Station and "TeatroAventura" - Adventure Theatre the outdoor amphitheater for 300 people, offering several shows a day as the show Sesame Adventure or is the time for adventure!. Besides the characters of Sesame Street pilot a toy plane in the parade Sesamo On Tour, which will visit the area.


Sesame Adventure will also feature a self-service restaurant ("La Taberna de Epi" - "The Ernie Tavern") dwith a dining area covered by giant mushrooms, and Chiki Store The store where you buy all the Sesame Street memories.




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What?? Does that actually mean they use a part of polynesia for the new children area? The area around Waikiki was the nicest of Polynesia, that would suck big time if there was suddenly a childrens area in the middle of a jungle....

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Today I bring a few new photos of the area posted on the Facebook of the park,





Theater "TeatroAventura "


Decoration "Elmo's Farm"


Magic Fish



And other promotional videos on youtube:








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I bring you television commercial for "Sesamo Aventura" and new images from the web of PortAventura.




"Mariposas Saltarinas"


"Coco Piloto"


"La granja de Elmo"


"El Salto de Blas"


Magic Fish and Sesamo Aventura Station


Sesamo Aventura Station


"Tami Tami" retemted


"El Huerto Encantado"






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