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PortAventura Discussion Thread

P. 133 - New Tom Holland Dark Ride Roller Coaster!

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The news right now. The facades of Ferrari Experience, at least the ones done with Porex are completely gone. There is one worker with first degree burnings in the leg. Very sad situation




PortAventura released an statement in which is said that the opening data is not going to be changed


More pics and videos

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^^ If I'm honest, I can't really imagine it would take that long to replace the facades. The facades PA have been using for the last few years now (ever since SesamoAventura) have been 3d printed Polystyrene (Probably also the reason it burnt so quickly) so it would just be a case of re printing the parts.

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My handy dandy calendar says it's technically still 2016, so this is fully expected and as Bill pointed out I'm sure went into the planning schedule.


I almost feel like I should specify that I'm kidding. I know you know that, and most people know that... but otherwise I'll wake up to tons of people explaining why I'm wrong about the construction timeline and since I have to go to work tomorrow I can't start drinking that early.

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Pretty sure it may be real, it's the exact same sound that the launch on Taron makes. I think to sound may just be a bit delayed in the video.


(@ 1:41)


Then again, you could be right as it's awfully loud considering how far away the video is being shot from.

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The sound is real guys!! No speakers yet!


If it's a sound effect it was added to the video, it's not coming from speakers. Most of the video has a music bed anyway so it's not like it's a crazy thought.


Maybe you guys are right, but it sounds like a sound effect of a Ferrari car on a race track which makes me think it's a sound effect, but wither way that's awesome.

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