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Your favorite track support!

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Yes, but didn't most of those feature large sections of unsupported and potentially and often always wobbly track?


On the other hand, B&M track is much sturdier than Intamin track (to most extent), and their supports are bigger and thicker, while Intamin's supports are fairly flimsy and require a lot more to do the same job.

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Just a question... but does anyone here think that Intamin sometimes over supports some parts of their rides. If these massive structures are really necessary than my comment will be taken back... but it seems that B&M can do what Intamin does in less than half the supports.


I love the way they all look... just they seem a bit crowded.




Yeah, but B&M supports are almost always much thicker than Intamin supports, so they don't require as many. Intamin seems to typically use a more complex support system with smaller diameter supports, while B&M generally uses a lot of basic, very large diameter supports.

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Thank you for all of your answers. I never really noticed that B&M supports were much thicker than other companies.


My home park being SFOT... the Titan has probably some of my favorite supports... the ones around the double helix of lost consiousness being my favorite. I've never really noticed this... but Titan and for that matter Goliath at SFMM are like B&M style track with almost an Intamin style od complex support system. (Maybe that's why the ride is almost perfect!)




From rcdb.com

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Well, I agree with Real and DCs.


But as far as coasters... I kind of like CCI's 'stilted' supports, to allow a woodie to go where it shouldn't be able to fit.


Cornball Express


Hoosier Hurricane


Portions of Hurricane Cat 5

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I love that support right there.. How it just injects itself to the SIDE of B&M track. It is just so awkward to me that i love it. Also, i don't know the policy on pictures. So i just used MLA format to cite it. Is that alright?


You don't need MLA format. Just state the website.


Wow!!! If we were required to post in MLA format on here, that would be hilarious!!! How many people would fail that adventure!!!

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I like the up-close views of Great Bear supports you get while on other attractions like Coal Cracker and the skyride. Plus the subdued color makes them look like creepy pipes.


Of course, I love any supports that provide convincing headchoppers even to someone like me who is acclimated to the milder ones. I think the best I've experienced in the last couple years are in Mamba's helix and on Poltergeist.


I like coasters that allow you to appreciate the height of the lift hill as you slowly rise up through the supports, like flyers and inverts. The supports are an intimidating component adding to the overall view.

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I love the supports of many roller coasters, so I'll shorten the list for you guys.


I really like Intimidator 305's lift hill supports because they are very efficient; only 2 large columns hold up the 300ft tall structure!

The overall supporting of both X2 and Viper is nice in my opinion. The supporting of the lift, first loop, and turn after the first loop on Viper and the lift, inside raven turn, and the banked turn on X2 appeal to me.

I've always appreciated the supporting of Vekoma GIBs; no particular part, the whole thing is nice IMO.

And finally, who couldn't love the interlocking loops and arch supports of Loch Ness Monster?

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