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Supersonic Odyssey - Intamin Looper POV for Members Only!

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Hey everyone!


Thanks for Chris Belson we can all get an idea of what Supersonic Odyssey is like! For those of you who don't know, this is the Intamin coaster built inside a mall in Malaysia that opened in 2003.


Photo: www.rcdb.com


It's not very often you see photos or video of this so I'm happy he got us this footage. It can be downloaded here:



There are a couple of real surprises in this video....and Dorney thought they were the first with a "Jojo Roll"


Thanks Chris!




PS. If you have any interesting footage of coasters like this one that you'd like to see on Theme Park Review, please PM or email me at robbalvey@themeparkreview.com about submitting your video!

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I have been doing a lot of research some time ago on this coaster since it really cought my interest. Figured out layout and everything. Some pictures on rcdb are pics I've found. I also found footage, but online offride and only quick shots of stuff...


So that POV is VERY welcomed!


Also very interesting is the "Spinning Star", which is basically a typical condor but with simple seats facing to the outside. A Condor already makes me feel quesy, but imagining beeing thrown outward due to gravitanional forces on that thing... *scary*



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Good video which I enjoyed watching. I was lucky enough to ride Supersonic Odysey this year and it is a great coaster, especially when you consider that it is indoors. Bit of a strange feeling having the lift hill almost halfway round the ride but a lot of fun with some good elements. Also there were quite a lot of good places to film the ride although they would not let us take any cameras actually on the ride. Guess they were scared they might fall onto the people below.


I'd recommend any one visiting Kuala Lumpur to pop into the Times Square shopping centre and give this one a go.

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I just finished sending Duane my pics of this over at RCDB. I gotta share the love, and Robb got the video yesterday! I'm still working on getting the rest of the coaster pics from the Malay parks to him. After that, I write my TR, then, compile my first photo TR right here.


Robb already has video of two other Malaysian coasters I sent him yesterday, so maybe if everybody is nice to him...


Chris B


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