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Fuji-Q Highlands Discussion Thread

P. 51 - New Observation Deck and Slide!

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Nothing about SD2k, anyway I will come back to Nagashima as soon as i can to collect informations...

Yesterday I subscribed to the eejanaika mailing list (only in japanese, sorry) and I will post the translations here when I know something.


Chris, when will you be back to Japan? We can arrange a visit together at Fujikyuu...


edit: I've read a few minutes ago in wikipedia that Nagashima Spaland wants to open again the steel dragon 2000 and is waiting for the required authorization... they are now testing the new trains.

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Er, SteelPeppe, I live in Japan right now!


My next trip to Fuji-Q should be at the end of June, while my next trip will be next weekend, I'm going to Parque Espana and Higashiyama Zoo.


I may be going into Tokyo on the 29th of this month to revisit Yomiuriland and get a status update on Halfpipe.


PM me, and we can chat about meeting up!

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^^ S&S Power bought out Arrow for a steal after it went bankrupt right after completing X. That gave them the plans and rights to the 4D system created by Arrow. This is the first such creation by S&S since. It isn't too big of a surprise that Fuji-Q is installing this, as they were one of the first parks to buy a shot tower outside the US (Red Tower), and they bought the second air launched coaster as well (Dodonpa).


There have supposedly been changes to the train to make it lighter and more reliable. Originally, it was thought that there would only be a single rail to control the seat rotation, but obviously that hasn't happened on this installation.

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OK new day, new page, and we are further removed from DubaiDave crashing the site. (Just kidding Dave, who knew?)


Here is the short video I made from my walk around the construction site for Eejanaika. I am thinking that this provides a little perspective on the ride. I hope everyone likes it! Be gentle, I know I'm not as awesome or as funny or as cool as Robb!


The Video!


Added a streaming version. --Robb

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I'd consider myself to be a pretty good X junkie. Here's what I can tell so far:


I'll use the same Right Side Up (RSU) and Up Side Down (USD) terms for the train, but I'll try a different notation for the rotation of the seats: 0 - 540 degrees. 0 is when the rails are closest to the running rails, or at the tip of the track, and 540 is as low as I believe they go on X, which is 1½ turns from the 0 position. The seat rotations are approximate, I have no idea what the exact angles are, but that should give you a pretty good idea what is happening.



X's Layout (based on my own experience)


Train leaves station: Train RSU, seats ~135 (recliner-like position).

Train climbs lift hill: Train RSU, seats ~135 (now upright, due to lift hill incline).

Train goes over first drop: Train RSU (vertical), seats flip forward to 360 (facing forward, and down).

Train reaches bottom of hill: Train RSU, seats continue forward to 540 (upright, facing backwards).

Inside Raven Turn: Train now USD, seats rotate gradually to 360 (upright, facing forward).

Full Backflip: Train USD, seats rotate to 0 (still upright, facing forward).

Big Curve: Train USD, seats 0 (no change).

Half Half: Train now RSU, seats rotate to 180 (upright, now facing backward).

Outside Raven Turn: Train now USD, seats rotate to 360 (upright, facing forward).

Half Half: Train now RSU, seats rotate to 180 (upright, facing backward).

Brake Run: Train still RSU, seats return to recliner position of about 135.



I've bolded the differences on Eejanaika. The last 3 elements on Eejanaika after the first Half Half I am just guessing they are the same as X. Comments/Corrections are welcome!



Wow, i love X and i'd never be able to come up with that how do you even know what's going on??

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Chris, your the man! I'll save you an outside seat on Eejanaika!


Is Nagspa really testing new trains on SD2K? I'm thinking about coming out again in october for ToT, but if I could get a Steel Dragon ride then I'd be all 'bout it 'bout it!


Chris, you said that there was a train station right by Fujikyu right? Is there a way to take a train up there from Tokyo? Just incase...you know...you don't have that day off or something!


Can't wait for that Full/Full!



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Wow, i love X and i'd never be able to come up with that how do you even know what's going on??


Quite a few rides, and lots of off-ride studying/photography. Plus, I always love to know how things work. I hate being in the dark about things. Needless to say, I had lots of fun at media day studying the workings of Tatsu's seat rotation and locking system.

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I'd be pleased to help everyone in Tokyo I am a "Tokyo enthusiast".

Chris, next month I will be again in Italy (Sicily) for my cousin's wedding, then come back in Tokyo at the end of July, that's why I won't be at Fujikyu the 19th...


PS. you can save a lot of money with the bus, it's only 6000yen for a return ticket and a daily pass. Anyway MP me if you come to Tokyo

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Hey Chris, hope I dont kill the site again by just replying.

I personally love your style of Videoing with cmmentry. I know some enthusiasts prefer to here the natural sound, but I thinkit is great to get someone elses perspectve on a ride experiance.

Keep up the good work

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Thanks, Dave. (I'm at just over 1000 total streams and downloads already, so my fingers are crossed that it isn't my fault if the site crashes again!)


The natural noise at this time is mostly construction equipment engines, banging and metallic clanging, so I figure I'd better say SOMETHING!


The only bad thing is after I edited and posted it, I realized I say the same phrase three times in the end result. I hope that phrase doesn't get rubbed in too much!

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My opinion but...


I hope this one does better than X because X SUCKS.


I somewhat agree, because that last Raven turn..... even Arrow should be ashamed, and Vekoma would be ashamed , it is very intense , I don't know about you guys, but I don't like having a "white-out" and dying, that wouldn't be much fun.........


but, anyways, the rest of X isn't so bad for being a prototype, it was made and runs very well, unlike all the other Arrow prototypes

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I actually really liked X. I rode it for the first time two days ago. It shook a little bit towards the end and wasn't very reridable but you guys have quite a bizzare coaster out there on the west coast!


Can't wait to go on the TPR trip to the far east for Eejanaika, thanks for the video!

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I'd be curious on the ride reports when the ride opens assuming if S&S made the adjustments to fine-tune the kinks out of the ride (as opposed to X). Are the trains on-site also? Wonder how they modified the chassis and if they made it lighter.

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