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Pick N Mix Video #1 Contest Top 20!

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I'd make the same audio mix comment as I made above, the music and speaking overlap distracted me as I looked to tie the lyric to the action. Plus in your case, I did not care for the choice of song. It did not feel fresh... if that makes any sense.


Video-wise, I thought the edit was clean. I did like the upside down cut of the drop ride and the long shot footage of GeForce flowed especially well.


Overall, I thought it was a good effort and, if it did not stand out, it did belong with this group.

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Thanks, Eric...


Appears there are quite a number of FF CD's. Which one of these is the one?





4th one down on the left handside (the girl looking to the left) Even though the sound quality would be the same, that edition would be one of the many bootleg editions that are pressed in Taiwan. For $13.99, thats really not bad at all...I paid around $25 for mine, but its an original version with the very unusual plastic slip case over it. I really think it is the best videogame soundtrack I have heard in the past 2 years or so (it really does not sound like a videogame soundtrack). I highly recommend Chrono Cross as well.

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After viewing all the others I have to admit that I am surprised that mine was picked since it was very simple compared to all the rest. But again I always liked the videos to be on the simple side. It was the first time I have ever edited anything on a computer before. I really used to be into video editing back in the late 80s and early 90s. (old style which was very time consuming), Its so much easier to edit on a computer now. This contest has really got me back interested in video production so we are planning to start bringing along a video camera on our trips next year (but first I have to buy a camera since I have not had a working one since 1994).

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Well a few things about my video:


1). I chose "bounce" by System of a down because of the song's tune you could say. Here is why I though it would fit good in this video: It's really peppy and fast in the first part (like the first drop of a roller coaster) then slows down a bit in the middle (like a MCBR in a way) then picks up again for the last couple seconds (like after the MCBR)


2). I used the backround audio for many, MANY reasons! First, I always want to make the viewer feel as though they are in the park/on the ride/ watching the ride and by adding the actuial sound, it makes it more beleaveable. Also, if your at a theme park all you hear are people screaming and having fun, once again I added the sound to make you feel like your at the park. Also, the whirr of a rollercoaster (especially and Intamin) is, well, damn sexy! So it also adds a more "on ride" feel to it.


3). I'll admit, I did another video that was pretty good to "barroom hero" by the Dropkick Murpheys but it was too long.


So that pretty much does it. So yeah I hope you enjoyed it!


Colin C

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^ That's a really good question. I mean, we leave for Asia on Wed, but I'd like to give people more than just the weekend to vote. You have to remember that, while many of us are insane and visit every day, there are a lot of users that only visit the site on a weekly basis.


So maybe I'll let voting go for about a week, and then one of the nights when we're in Asia I'll do my best to tally the votes.



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I think you should wait until the end of your trip, come back and then let everybody know what the results are/were....



That'll make the kids squirm a bit, hmmm? Give Ted and Wes a good time to deal with all, those twenty (or more) vid afficiandoes, hee hee hee.



Hey, take your time - they can wait - we all can wait. Have fun, hmm?

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