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Six Flags St. Louis (SFStL) Discussion Thread

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Here we go again with the rumors of 'something big' coming, based on absolutely nothing but false hope.


Yes, let's keep the crazy speculation in this thread:




Discussion needs to be reserved for things currently occurring at the park or future attractions that actually have concrete information to back them up. Right now, someone has to sift through several pointless posts to find out anything of actual substance about the park.

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Discussion needs to be reserved for things currently occurring at the park or future attractions that actually have concrete information to back them up. Right now, someone has to sift through several pointless posts to find out anything of actual substance about the park.
That's no fun. The reason I go to the different parks discussion threads is to gather information. I'm not gonna search through a different discussion thread to try to find something I'm looking for about a specific park when I can just go their main discussion thread and ask questions/report future rumored attractions. Why cant we discus the future here?
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1) Your post makes no sense. What???


2) I never said you couldn't discuss future rumors that have concrete information. For example, discussion about the RMC makeover on Boss has merit, since that is exactly what RMC has been doing at other parks.


3) Just look at how bad the Six Flags America thread and Darien Lake got with all the wild speculation. There was nothing new or exciting going on at the park and the fanboys were desperate to talk about anything to do with the park, so they kept making posts about what they wished would happen.


4) If you want to keep an active discussion about anything you want and with your own rules, then I suggest you create your own Six Flags St. Louis discussion forum somewhere else. We only have this problem with one or two discussion threads, and it is usually the ones that have nothing new or excited coming.


Let me make this clear: I am not saying you can't start a general discussion here. The posts about new restaurants/counter service or people posting trip reports of their visits is great and exactly what we are wanting in a discussion thread. But continuing the same pattern every few pages with posts like "I asked my magic 8-ball if SFStl was getting something BIG next year..." or "Do you think we will finally get that B&M hyper next year..." is not what we are wanting in a discussion thread. Understand?

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I wish they would run both sides of the Log Ride on a more regular basis. I've only got to do the left side less than five times, in my life! I actually prefer the left side!

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I wish they would run both sides of the Log Ride on a more regular basis. I've only got to do the left side less than five times, in my life! I actually prefer the left side!

I also like the left side. But I think it is cheaper for them to run one side though. I'd love for some racing between the logs!

I went this past week and saw logs on the track on that side, so maybe sometime this summer both will run!

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^ it did run over the weekend about 1-2 weeks ago to accommodate for the extremely large crowds.

That's cool.



How much money will the Iron Horse treatment cost on a coaster as long as the Boss?

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I'm headed to SFSTL tomorrow. I'm most likely going to eat at Macho Nachos and Mooseburger. We will aim to ride Boomerang once, then ride American Thunder, Mr. Freeze, Batman, and the Boss as many times as we can from 10:30-4:30. I'll try to take a video of the opening ceremony for Boomerang.

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This has already been discussed in the past, but the Boomerang at SFSL is running an old Arrow train, SFOT had two different trains for Flashback, the train on Boomerang is NOT the wrapped ad train that SFOT ran for the last several years and ran up until it closed last year. The train on Boomerang is likely the original Flashback train that the ride opened with back in 1989, the wrapped train probably came from Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom/Six Flags New England's Flashback ride, when that ride was moved from SFKK to SFNE it got a new train, so the old Vampire (SFKK) train likely went to SFOT to run on Flashback throughout the last decade or so (the wrapped train is in storage at SFSL).

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Yesterday was media day at Six Flags St. Louis celebrating the opening of their 9th coaster, the Boomerang, and I was there for TPR covering all the action!


While Boomerang may have once lived at another park, it has undergone an extensive rehab that has it riding, looking, and operating like no other. The color scheme is easily one of the best I've seen and settles in perfectly with Superman, the StarFlyer, and Tidal Wave. The ride itself is quite smooth thanks to electric motors that have replaced the traditional hydraulic motor as well as a new ride control system that brings the train to a comfortable stop.


Ron McKenzie, the parks Director of Marketing, tells me they have been looking at options for some time to increase their coaster offerings and that Boomerang was the perfect option to complement the other rides in this section of the park. Guests are also excited as its the parks first new coaster since American Thunder opened in 2008. Ron is working hard to bring events and entertainment to the park and tells me in July they will host a coasting into the night event. When we get the full details we'll be sure to pass them on, but expect that to happen towards the end of July.


After the event I walked around the park and I must say it looks really good from freshly painted buildings, landscaping, and overall feel. You can really tell that the management at this park has a sense of ownership and pride and I doubt they are going to stop anytime soon.


Six Flags St. Louis now has more coasters than any other park in the state of Missouri making it the Coaster Capital of Missouri. So be sure to stop by this season and check out all the fantastic things they have going on and don't forget to grab a seat on the Boomerang!




Here is our awesome video of the Boomerang! SHARE it with your friends!


Say Hi to Six Flags St. Louis' 9th coaster!


The color scheme is really quite nice


And so is the setting!


Super smooth




These guys are getting their thrill on.


And here is the Park's President getting his thrill on!


So I know what you are thinking. How in the world did they get the ride so smooth. Well, I'm going to share with you the secret. Electric motors.


This baby allows the parks maintenance staff not only increase the speed of the initial lift but also allows them to gently lower the catch car so no more clunking!


And increased speed up the hill means increased ride capacity!


Seriously, this little dude hauls same tail up the hill.


Once at the top, he gently releases the train and off you go


All thanks to this guy. Oh, and Rick too perhaps. After-all, it was his idea to scrap the old hydraulic motor.


You know that giant clunk on the second hill? Well with the help of the new electric motor up there, and with some tweaking and programming, that will soon be gone as well!


Muwahahaha. Ok, last nerdy fun fact. The rides new control system is wireless. Yup, wireless, meaning maintenance can take their tablet like device with them and open/close brakes, run the various other things, and finish their daily inspection faster all from the palm of their hand. Pretty cool eh?


The local Fox station was on hand to try all the different foods on the dining plan. And I must say, the healthy items looked really good! With 40 items to choose from the dining plan is a good bargain for those who frequent the park weekly.


The entry sign looks nice.


and for those of you who like reading the rules before you go


Behind Boomerang sits Screamin Eagle, still screamin after all these years!


After the media event I crossed the tracks...


...to check out the rest of the park


and it's looking really good


5 years old this year and still running great


Paws up little monsters


For those of you on the tour this year, I did the leg work for you. Your Welcome.


You'll find the aforementioned location near Mr. Freeze.


Reverse Blasting


Freeze had a nice line


But if you have your FlashPass, no need to worry!


Dark ride lovers rejoice!


If you need to cool off you can stop by this awesome looking Coke stand...or...


...you can take your chances on the raft ride


Want to ride like a boss?


You're in luck!


SFStL has you covered!


Also introduced at the park, the continuous loading Pandemonium! Yes, that's right folks! This new system has worked so well they are now able to run all cars, all the time increasing capacity to 700+ people per hour!


Just another thing that makes this park stand out!


But of course it's not all about the coasters, the park has several flat rides to choose from.


Like the mini swing ;) Sorry, I had to.


You can also get scrambled


or take it easy on the carousel


One thing is for certain, the park has something for everyone so get on out to Six Flags St. Louis, you'll be glad you did!

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Great report!


It is nice to see somebody with positive thoughts on SFSTL.


I have been skeptical on if this Boomerang was actually an okay new attraction, but my friends who went today and rode said while it is not the best in the park (of course), it beats the Ninja and is actually fairly smooth.


I've been down five times this season and I am returning tomorrow to ride Boomerang and try out some more dining pass meals.


I'm glad I'm not the only one impressed with all the repainting occurring on the restaurants and shops. The management is really making the park look nice this year.


SFSTL looks great this year, and even though we didn't get any major ride, I'm proud of our park.

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Wait a minute...are you saying they took a Boomerang and made it smooth. Congrats to them.


Perhaps some of the other parks with boomerangs will be able to make the switch.


Thanks for the report.

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Wait a minute...are you saying they took a Boomerang and made it smooth. Congrats to them.

Exactly what I thought lol


Even looking at the rider cam you can see there is no on the ride.


I can't believe changing the motor pretty much solved the biggest complaints about these rides.

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