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Six Flags St. Louis (SFStL) Discussion Thread

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1 hour ago, bert425 said:

at the entry/parking gate they'll give you a paper tag when they scan your diamond pass, and then you just go to where the preferred parking is.  (it's a marked section of the lot, and there will be signs up).


personally, I never use Preferred at my home park (Fiesta Tx). . I've always managed to find closer places to park in the general parking

Preferred parking is right by the entrance at SFSTL. I just wondered how you get the paper to get you in. Thanks. 

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make sure you ask for the tag tho.. .

I don't ever use it, but they don't always offer the tag to me .  .so be sure to ask if they don't offer :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

If anyone had the training running before the end of 2024 or before the carousel is done... You win the pool!

Train was back up and working this weekend.  Was running for the freaks unleashed show, and was doing a round trip ride, as the north station is being used for a boo fest black light walkthrough.

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Well the train was primarily down for Rookie Racer construction anyway so with that construction being done it removed that barrier.

The only real question left was will the park view a month* of operation as worth it.

*That we know of 🤞

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