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Six Flags St. Louis (SFStL) Discussion Thread

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^ It is nice to see our park do a little teasing! I don't remember much of that in the past.


I agree, it sounds like a Catwoman theme. I could see a Tilt-A-Whirl, or possibly a Giant Discovery.



Our social media is quiet compared to other SF parks...

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I didn’t believe it either, but I’ve now heard from a park employee friend that the go carts are leaving and it’s going to be a ride that’s unique to the park, so most of our guesses so far are pretty much void.


Apparently word is management wants to turn Britannia into a new DC area.

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The only hint I’ll give is it’s unique to the chain.


That eliminates the possibility of it being a Giant/Giga Discovery, an RMC Raptor, an S&S Freespin or a Premier Skyrocket II. A Mack Power Splash would be unique to the chain, but we already know that's going to SFOT. Maybe some new type of flat ride.

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All the best stuff is over 20 years old. Of 21st century rides, don't miss American Thunder, and if you see XCalibur running, go immediately.


Coaster wise, I agree with you: American Thunder was my favorite in the park, followed closely by Screamin Eagle & Mr. Freeze. the River King Mine Train was surprisingly fun (fast & smooth)


Supergirl is fantastic, make sure to get a ride or two.


we also greatly enjoyed Colossus (the giant ferris wheel), the Log Flume, and Superman (used to be Dungeon Drop at Astroworld)

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Supergirl is a far superior ride to Excalibur. You aren’t missing anything by it being in pieces.


Supergirl was amazing!!


Having a blast here


You guys have a great little park...plus it’s not busy



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