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Six Flags St. Louis (SFStL) Discussion Thread

p. 550 - Hallowfest trip report!

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Hmm. My survey put the price/night at $49.



Are you sure you didn't misread that? My survey was giving two price points with varying amenities $249 and $299. Even the Super 8 near SFSTl was advertising $60 as their start at price. And it's probably a close contest as to what's more "rustic" the Super 8 or KOA


Most theme park owned hotels range $200-$350 per night

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You can rent a tent site at the KOA near Six Flags for $49 on non-peak dates. We do that pretty often.


That was the rate we just paid for an RV site there this week. Nice to be only a mile from the park, and it’s a really nice campground.

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Back at the park today, I have not been since April, the park is hopping like usual in 95** degree heat. Most rides by 2pm were around 10 to 15min wait, Boomerang was down looks like it shot the cable motor again, Tidal Wave is barren with no life, Thunder River is strangely down for refurbishment- anybody knows whats going on with that? Log Flume had a good sizable line with both sides running, though I believe one sides water chute was not working correctly. Super-girl was awesome for a first ride, really enjoyed it though it does not have a good zen moment like the old Enterprise, and the ride que needs major work with the shading aspect.


Overall I enjoy my local park


New membership service is open, no idea when they finshed



They need more shade for the cue, with temps hitting over 110 this can be a hot spot.


Late to the game but wanted to share my pictures of Excalibur.



Love the random huge potted plant at edge of the log flume. Makes me wonder why they don't take out the asphalt in the corner and put a proper tree and plants there.

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Unless another issue pops up, Thunder River is set to reopen soon.


What were the issues?


Nothing major, as far as I know it was a part that needed to be replaced. Just meant to say that it is on track to open soon, unless a new random issue comes up.

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the park is hopping like usual in 110/115 degree heat.

Um. No? Phoenix is supposed to get up to 111 this week, so maybe you need to change your location on your weather app.


It was mostly running in the 95's on my weather app, I am just figuring for humidity and the overall blacktop "affect". But your right once it gets to Phoenix level heat than we can start flipping eggs on the pavement.

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Tidal Wave is supposed to reopen next season, but there is a rumor that plans have changed and it will be removed. We will have to wait and see.


I like that rumor. Especially if it includes the addition of something shiny and new. Seems like the shoot the chutes are on their way out.

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The one here at SFOT is already in the process of being deconstructed. Our train won't be running for the remainder of the season to make way for the cranes and other equipment coming in. My guess is yours is being removed too, possibly to be replaced by Green Lantern: First Flight from SFMM. SFOT already has an S&S 4D, so we won't be getting that.

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Six Flags Fiesta Texas also removed their Shoot the Chutes back in 2017, theirs was an Intamin though. From what I see SFStl Tidal Wave (1991) is a Hopkins model as is SFOT Aquaman (1987) so parts should be cross compatible, but it would be a shame if Six Flags didn't take the opportunity to put a bigger ride (maybe a RMC Raptor Clone) their instead and would add further interest in that corner during the colder months.

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^The thing to watch for is construction fencing around Tidal Wave. They've already put fencing around Aquaman in preparation for it's deconstruction. If no fencing around Tidal Wave then it's probably just a refurbishment. If fencing does appear at some point, then it's a fair bet the ride is on it's way out.

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