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Six Flags St. Louis (SFStL) Discussion Thread

p. 550 - Hallowfest trip report!

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Well, from the sounds of it this new slide is doing exactly what it's supposed to be doing for the park.

Indeed. I was thinking it'd take a water coaster for this kind of response. But this also looks great.

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Anyone ride the Boss this past weekend? Thought I saw it was open.


This upcoming weekend looks nice so I’m going to go to the park Saturday or Sunday. Hopefully the Boss will be open.

I did ride it a week ago. It feels like something is missing now but definitely is a bit easier in the body. The double up is a bit better now, but still the simple turn is a bit anticlimactic after that nice series of hills on the way back.

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Hey guys haven’t popped in a while, just wanted to ask which pass gives the best perks for the best price... monthly gold or just regular seasons pass.

If you don't mind the subscription the perks of Platinum and Diamond are definitely nice. I was already doing 1 subscription dining and 4 Gold and I've switched to 4 diamond and two dining memberships. For $5 more than I was previously paying I get twice the meals and all the diamond stuff. Pretty happy with the deep dining discount (dining memberships used to be $17 a month....)


I'd definitely recommend consulting the chart of perks before making any moves. I would have done Platinum if I didn't plan on visiting other parks in the chain. The preferred parking and line skip will come in handy visiting Great America and other busier parks.

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The MCBR is way more aggressive on The Boss this visit than it was the first time I tried it this way.


You barely roll out of it - and just leisurely top the hill after it now. It's really not a good this way IMO.

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Went to Six Flags today and got to try Namtab and the new Boss, and I was impressed with both of them.


First of all, Namtab! Yllanif! After striking out before, this visit I went straight to it at opening and got on. Good move too, as while we were going up the lift I could see the line stretching into the park section. Haven't seen it that long in a while.


Namtab is very, very intense in the back. Batman is intense in the last row too, but the Namtab version....wow. I was a bit queasy coming off it.


As for the new Boss, it's the best it's run in years. It was so smooth, about like it was right after the RMC retrack in '13. The new overbanked turn is so much better than the old helix, and you actually get a bit of air on the double up at the end now. Great job making this ride not just tolerable, but actually fun!

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Hearing that the Boss has slowed down is a good thing in my book.


I don't think we'll get to try Namtab. We're probably going to wait until Coaster Campout at Cedar Point to visit any parks and we've got our eye on Millennium Force as our first ride of 2018. This will be followed by Maverick and the Steel whatever it's called roller coaster. I'm just not feeling it yet with park going seasons stretching so late into the year, anymore.

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