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Six Flags St. Louis (SFStL) Discussion Thread

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Agreed as well. This Pete may be the best manager in the world but if the bean counters at corporate are squeezing there is only so much he can do anyway. I always felt Dave was dealt a crappy hand.

This is obviously the case. Corporate in general seems not to really care about investing much of anything into the park. The often lamented poorly treated SFA since the bankruptcy has received 2 coasters while we received 1. SFFT has received 2 new coasters (one fixing their terrible wooden coaster). SFOG received a new coaster and a noteworthy refurbishment to an old one (not just adding a silly gimmick that does nothing to enhance the ride for everyone.


I will also say this to be fair. While SFSTL may not have the best coaster line up (anymore) compared to its local competition (SDC and HW), I find their line-up to be better than most of the Six Flags parks I have attended. Having visited SFOG, I am glad they had the Goliath (don't misunderstand me I wish we had it) because that was the only coaster there (aside from Mind Bender) that I was impressed with and considering how much I am meh about B&M hypers that should tell you something. Dare Devil Dive is VERY forceless and takes FOREVER to get on it. At the station house itself, it took an hour to get on. Even Ninja doesn't take that long even with those silly gimmicks. Their Batman was very ROUGH (Vekoma category) with constant headbanging. I'm not sure which is worse between that and the Mantis (when it was the Mantis). Hands down the worst Inverted Coaster experience. The Great American Scream Machine is very mediocre, Screamin' Eagle is way better. Georgia Cyclone was even more mediocre. The Blue Hawk (Ninja) was painless and demonstrated how good the new trains are but that can't make up for how bad the layout itself is (no airtime unlike our Ninja, nothing really enjoyable about it). Mind Bender was good but it took nearly an hour to get on it and even then I would rather ride the Ninja, Mr. Freeze, or a properly riding Batman. Their Mine Train is good but not all that important to me. Superman Ultimate Flight kept breaking down and would have been a 1.5 hour wait. Georgia Scorcher has no real appeal to me as I don't like B&M stand ups.


SFOT has more good attractions with having equally good attractions (Batman, Mr. Freeze, Mine Train, Pandemonium) having a couple unique ones (La Vibora, Shockwave, Titan, and NTAG), but where they fall completely flat is their wooden coaster line up. Judge Roy Scream is small, rough, and not impressive. It is better than Timber Wolf, every wooden coaster at KD (except Rebel Yell), and a hand full of other wooden coasters, but being that it is now the ONLY wooden coaster the park has, it is sorely lacking. Some of their best coasters can be found at SFSTL, they have a couple on us (NTAG and Titan), but we have a much better line up of wooden coasters.


I will have to go back to SFFT before I can judge it fairly as when I attended the Rattler had not been transformed yet and Batman had not been added either. Rattler was the worst wooden coaster ever. Superman Krypton Coaster was the only highlight (better than anything we have). Poltergiest is like Blue Hawk a big twisted pile of steel with no airtime and not that fun. The Goliath was equally good though not as well themed nor air conditioned as our Batman. Their Road Runner Express was okay, but I prefer our Mine Train going through the woods and the air time drop in the tunnel.


The only park that had a clearly superior line up that was worth traveling for has been SFMM and even then many of the rides were not as great as they look (Scream!, Riddler's Revenge, Apocalypse) and the line up was not nearly as impressive as Cedar Point.


As disappointed as I am with Six Flags decision concerning not adding anything good to our park in terms of coasters, I will state that in fairness I think we have one of the better lineups as far as Six Flags is concerned. I just wish instead of giving us junk that we don't need (Boomerang), I wish they would instead fix up/modify our existing rides to improve the experience and make them more enjoyable (new soft restraint trains to Ninja and topper track for the Boss). If we can at least improve our offerings and make the most of them, hopefully we can build a better reputation and eventually maybe we can someday get something noteworthy.

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Made my first visit to the park today for the day so I though I would post a TR.

We didn't get to the park until around 3 and left around 9.

Ride totals now


American Thunder: 1x- 7/10. This was only my second GCI.

Batman The Ride:1x- 6/10. Operations were very slow and I didn't like it as much as my BTR.

Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast: 2x- 10/10 back and front row. This was my favorite coaster. The front row was a night ride.

Screamin' Eagle: 1x- 10/10. The air time was amazing. I couldn't tell you how many times I was flying out of my seat. 2nd favorite coaster

The Boss: 1x- 8/10. Man this ride was fast and not too rough, except the helix, that really hurt.

Pandemonium: 1x- 10/10. Loved it. 3rd favorite coaster

River King Mine Train: 1x- 7/10. I enjoyed it but didn't think it was great.

Skipped Ninja (line was too long) and Boomerang was closed.

Thrill rides

Xcalibur: 1x- 10/10. I really enjoy it

Fireball: 1x- 8/10. This was my first SuperLoop

SkyScreamer: 1x- 6/10. It was just ok.

Colossus: 1x-10/10. How else could I rank a ferris wheel.

Never got on Justice League because it kept breaking down.

Lines for the most part were very short and everything was a station wait except for a few rides. Overall it was a great day trip and I look forward for making a return trip in the future.

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^ That's amazing. I never would have attended on a Saturday unless I wanted to chill in the lazy river. What was the weather like? I can't figure this park out, goes from station waits on a Saturday to a zoo on a weekday.


Maybe it's just me, but does Tidal seem to be one of the more decent looking flumes out there?

What ones have you seen? After spending all summer at CP&KI I think Tidal looks like it belongs at a CF park and their versions look like they belong at SFSTL.

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Has anyone tried the new single rider line for JL on busy days? If so, what are wait times usually like? I'm really happy that there is one, but I'm disappointed that it had to come at the expense of the dedicated Accessible & Flash Pass entrance, which is now the exit. I always enjoyed seeing Cyborg as I approached the dock, but I guess a single rider line is for the greater good. Also with JL, I too just started noticing that facade defect. However, as Six Flags didn't "build" the ride, if anything, it would be Sally's fault as they managed and hired all of the construction and contractors.


I'm sorry I haven't been on here much recently. I've been stressed, so when I finally get home from working, this thread was only making it worse. I'm really happy that people have posted defending Pete, because a lot of the accusations were ridiculous. He was personally trained by Dave and has an extremely successful SF track record. I also was being 100% genuine when I told you he was a great guy. He has passion for the park. No matter who would have taken over for Dave, they would have still been judged basically because they aren't Dave. I'm still excited to see corporate giving plenty of love to SFSL for things like events, maintenance, etc. Things will continue to improve.


Finally, I promised someone that I wouldn't comment on next year's addition, so I unfortunately don't have anything to add when it comes to that.

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^Nah, the trend here is to blame Pete.


Thanks Pete!


I mean, Six Flags China is a thing. I see no reason we cannot simply co-opt #ThanksShanghai.


^^^ I noticed that last week and was surprised to see such a new ride ALREADY starting to require repair. It looked so nice last year.


This summer has been extraordinarily brutal with heat and humidity. It's not an excuse (everyone knows our summers are like the inside of Satan's butt) but it's an explanation.


Has anyone tried the new single rider line for JL on busy days?


We used it...well, not on a busy day, but the queue was just brushing into the first indoor room. Our twosome literally walked on with a group of four, which is the best possible outcome on a number of levels. I dig it and hope to see it next time we're there.

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Screamin' Eagle: 1x- 10/10. The air time was amazing. I couldn't tell you how many times I was flying out of my seat. 2nd favorite coaster


Lines for the most part were very short and everything was a station wait except for a few rides. Overall it was a great day trip and I look forward for making a return trip in the future.

Glad you had a great time! Screamin' Eagle is my personal favorite because of the airtime.

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I contacted a supervisor of operations asking about Tidal Wave, and he told me that they aren't removing it "at this time"


Which I guess doesn't really confirm or deny repairs to the splash basin or if they are planning to remove it, but I think repairs is most likely the only thing that's happening with the ride for now, given what's already been said.

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^That sounds like PR talk to me. Even if Tidal Wave is on the chopping block, a park employee would not be able to reveal that unless management gave the ok. I do think it is a good possibility that the ride leaves though. It wasn't too long back that SFNE removed Shipwreck Falls for Goliath, a compact coaster relatively the amount of size a Free Spin is.

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