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Six Flags St. Louis (SFStL) Discussion Thread

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I see a lot of people talk about head banging on Ninja. For me, the restraints hurt my shoulders and collar bones. I've never noticed them bother my head or ears. Its actually bruised my shoulders before.

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It depends mostly on height. If you're taller than average, you'll hit your shoulders rather than head on the restraint. At least we all agree that it causes pain. That's enough reason to get something better! Let's see, what also has inversions, a 48" height requirement, and has been super popular at, say, Silver Dollar City and SF Great America?

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^Speak for yourself. I'm game if you give me a crisp $10 bill (approximately the cost of one ice cold beer) to ride that rattle trap. Some folks don't know the value of a dollar, I guess.


Is our loop going to have those cheesy flame cutouts on it?


^Your getting a carnival ride!


When I spew hate in this thread, at least it's because I'm a frustrated local. The carnival ride joke was tired two years ago. Go back to your own thread... wherever you came from. Also, there is no need to tell us where you came from. I promise no one cares.

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