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Six Flags St. Louis (SFStL) Discussion Thread

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This is a good read about how Six Flags is doing as a company. Also talks about new Six Flags President and CEO. It is confirmed in this conference call that HITP will be coming to SFSTL for 2016!



I definitely suggest at least skimming through the call. It may be a bit dry at times but includes some important information. However, that website will make you create an account as you get into the transcript. I just made one for anyone to use:


Email: sfsltpr@hotmail.com

Password: sfsltpr

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I've always wondered how many on here came from sfstl.net. I'm all in for a mule drop, but it would be hard to compete with a Mule-go-Round reverse blast. I bet people would come from overseas to ride those.


Somewhere I have my "artists rendering" of the Sky Mule-go-Round developed by Walt Disney for SFSTL that I posted back on that board. I'll have to find where I saved it. RIP sfstl.net.

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Holiday in the Park makes the park seem like an entirely different place. It brings in a better clientele

This is the main reason I'm looking forward to it. If all goes as planned, this will be my first trip to the park since 2012. Hopefully I'll have another reason to come back in 2017. A man can dream.

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This is a tough one to predict. Obviously everything beyond the train tracks will likely be closed but there are a lot of crapshoots here. They can't close any further up than that because they need a kids area.


It would be really easy to close off American Thunder and that area by the train bridge and the narrow path near Justice League. The ride could probably run but they'll want to cut back on staff and that's an easy way to do it so I could see this... though it's one of their best rides so it's up in the air. You know Justice League will run, I'm tempted to say Freeze will too.


Batman has zero issues with cold (Great Adventure's ran at insane speeds during Holiday in the Park), it'll be open. I'm sure Ninja will too because it's right there.


I'm sure Pandemonium will run. Six Flags New England has zero issues running it when temperatures drop into the 30's. They could close off the path near that to the Boss but the Carousel seems like a no brainier to be open and the Skycoaster is an upcharge (and they love upcharges). Even if this area is open I could see Boss being closed.


I think it's obvious Mine Train will run.


I have to say, they're going to need a lot of staff because there's not much to close off compared to a park like Great Adventure. They're definitely feeling confident about this event risking it at a park like this where they're going to need to front a lot of money for staffing. That's great news.

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Jetscream was located on what was the Super Sports Cars ride, which is now currently the home of Batman.


Ninja was installed in a spot that was the original home to one half of the River King Runaway Mine Train - which is now Big Bad John in Arkansas.


The year that Ninja was installed (1989), Jetscream was moved to Astroworld and renamed the Viper. The Jetscream plot of land was left vacant ride-wise, until Batman was installed in 1995. As someone mentioned earlier, they moved a round tent to that location, which was home to "The Carrot Club" (meal and show) and also a frequent dance party location as well. Wasn't there a local TV show filmed here? Anyone remember the name?

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