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Six Flags St. Louis (SFStL) Discussion Thread

p. 550 - Hallowfest trip report!

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I dont really remember the Scooby Doo ride other then being in a boat. Im sure it was fine but relatively forgetful. This ride will hopefully leave more of a lasting impression. Hope they build more of these at other parks

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When I went last year, back in September, didn't even realize that the sunday I went was BAF which obviously made it a bad day to go, but the next sunday wasnt so bad. As far as Scooby Doo, while it was fun, it was definetely outdated and to me, felt out of place. Only bad thing is the new ride will have a huge line and knowing Mr.Freeze, it'll be shut down, since it was the alternative last year.

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Important Season Pass and Ticket Information

First, in case anyone is interested, there are $20 opening weekend tickets available online. You can see a preview of the deals in the screenshot below.


Second, whether you have a pass or not, make sure to check out the pass holder bring a friend dates when planning a trip to the park. For instance, Easter Sunday will most likely be the busiest day of opening weekend due to the bring a friend for $9.99 coupon. You can view all dates here: https://www.sixflags.com/stlouis/plan-your-visit/season-pass-perks


Third, season pass holders will need to re-register to view their coupons. After the last system had so many technical difficulties, the company recently switched to a new system. I know it might be a pain to register again, but the park sincerely apologizes and thanks you for your understanding as the overall season pass experience is improving. You can view a screenshot of the page below and find the website here: https://mypass.sixflags.com/default.aspx


Fourth, a lot of work has gone into the finger scanning machines over the off-season. Both hardware and software has been replaced/upgraded. The main thing slowing down entry last year wasn't the employees running the machines, as it may have seemed, but it was actually how slow the machines themselves ran (i.e. ten seconds for a re-entry button to load instead of instantaneous with the handheld scanners used in years past.) With these new upgrades, the estimate is that entry times should be cut by at least 50%.


I know this new system has caused some problems, but thank you for baring with the park and employees last season. This was a huge step that the park needed to take, and as I've said in the past, the park has been constantly working on improving the system to make things easier for our guests. If anyone has problems or questions before the park opens, please message me so that I can give you the direct email for the very nice woman in charge of Guest Relations. She will be more than happy to help you with any issues, so that I don't get "admonished" again for working to solve problems in our system while not on the clock.


Finally, if enough people are interested, I think it would be fun to have small meet-up opening weekend for lunch and a coaster perhaps. I can talk to Dave Roemer to see if he can even make it, although he may be too busy that weekend. Either way, I am really looking forward to hopefully seeing many of you at the park this year, and who knows, maybe I might even be able to convince my good buddy Prozach, who I think should change his name to Lex-apro Luther (sorry, dumb cheesy joke), to make a trip to the park.



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Either way, I am really looking forward to hopefully seeing many of you at the park this year, and who knows, maybe I might even be able to convince my good buddy Prozach, who I think should change his name to Lex-apro Luther (sorry, dumb cheesy joke), to make a trip to the park.


haha. We'll see. Depends on what my work schedule looks like.

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I think it's safe to say we'll be taking a lot less theme park trips this year, since we just ordered a new car. My wife advised me that I can't go "roller coaster crazy" this summer, since she gave me the go-ahead to get my dream car.

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Going from this:



To this:



Of course not even a year after we got the 13 WRX paid off we saw the 15 STi at the auto show... I've wanted one for ten years. I drove it at Dean Team and we put our deposit down for a new one immediately. They offered to sell me the one pictured at the auto show, but I didn't want one that had been molested by a thousand people, so I have to wait until the April ETA for one straight from the factory.


We've got our trip to KD/BGW planned for my 30th birthday in June and Holiday World sometime in May or July. Aside from maybe one trip to KI with a buddy, I've been pretty much grounded from roller coasters, and rightly so. My wife lets me get away with murder...

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^ That's awesome! Hopefully this means a significant boost in attendance!

Wouldn't count on it. I don't think that many people will ever see that list.

LMFAO!!! ooookay.


It may be a good new addition, but #1? Right.

It has the potential to be an AMAZING addition, but I agree. There are huge coasters that could be some of the best ever built next year. What's even funnier is that a parade beat out most of the competition.

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Thanks HWFan for the information. Always appreciated.




I second that, thanks HWFan!

I'm glad you appreciate the posts as I'm always happy to discuss the sexy subject of season passes and admissions!


And about the list of 2015 attractions, the subject of theme park attractions is very subjective. That website it run by a guy who works/loves Disney and prefers dark rides over coasters. If the list was compiled by Robb or voted on by coaster enthusiasts in general, I think it'd be a lot different. I really don't put much stock in those lists, but I just look at them like a list of some great attractions coming to parks in a random order. You know how I feel about SFSL & JLBM, but I'd take Fury over JL any day.

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