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Six Flags St. Louis (SFStL) Discussion Thread

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We had a nice visit to Frightfest yesterday. Crowds were moderate so we were pretty much able to do what we wanted except Screamin' Eagle was down. I'm not sure if they ever got it going as we did not go back up to that part of the park. The drummers put on a pretty good show on DC plaza. Really enjoyed the use of the Scooby-Doo theming in the Macabre Mansion walk through attraction this year. The upgraded spider theming by American Thunder and Moon Cars was fun, including the small walk through. We did not stay for the train and will do it next time, but yeah, the lines for it last year were terrible. We had a nice conversation with Dave just before we left and he is really excited about the Justice League dark ride for next year. Interesting, he said some of the props/theming from Scooby Doo were sent back to Sally to be refurbished/reused on other Scooby Doo rides. He said it felt better than just scrapping it all.

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No sir... that would be Mr. Freeze forward blast!... (I'm still butt hurt over the conversion)


What? I think Reverse Blast has been a major improvement. The only major difference is going up the tower face-down, which I find to be far far more thrilling than face-up. (Sure, the launch is different, but IMO that launch is so weak, it's inconsequential.)


It's a personal preference. It went from being one of my favorite coasters to falling completely off my radar.

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^^ Speaking of coasters in reverse, any rumors or idea when Batman Backwards will make its way to Six Flags St Louis? It's currently at Six Flags Over Texas.

Fun Fact: Our park was the original park that tested Batman Backwards. They called a bunch of the full time management and some supervisors to try it out at around 4:00am so that nobody would be able to see it from I-44. They didn't have the special backwards B&M train. They just used one of the regular ones.


I'm told that it was really intense. I'm not sure what the specially designed backwards trains run differently, but I wonder if they make it less intense (even though I have absolutely zero engineering knowledge to support that thought).

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If they market it as a new ride will it count as an additional credit? HWFan, 4am top secret testing...that's awesome! Thanks for that fun fact!


Everyone adds up their credits differently. I personally wouldn't count it as a new credit, but I could understand why others would.

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Fright Fest this year was far better than last years. I sprung for a Slasher Express pass and it was worth it. Here's a short ranking of the houses and scare zones:


Scare Zones


1. Insanity Alley- The actors were all great and are good at getting in your "bubble" to freak you out. The new scenes are fun and elevated this maze to my new favorite.


2. Blind Fury- There were no big modifications to this house, but then again, it really didn't need any. The toy theme is more creepy than you'd think, especially those god-damn monkeys. Even without their cymbals, those things scare the crap out of me.


3. The Slaughter House- Geez. This was by far my favorite last year, but this year it was a complete trainwreck. There are 7 points where they stop the line to allow space between groups, which is completely ridiculous. The crate that shakes no longer does so, they just let you walk right through it. And the entire second building (I'm not crazy, there was a second building last year, right?!) is gone, meaning the maze isn't the long and intense maze it was in year's past.


4. Voided Vision- This year I managed to encounter a total 2 actors inside (much better than 0 last year). The actors now have lights that they quickly shine at you, which can be seen all the way from the other side of the theater, ruining the whole pitch black concept. I hope next year this one is replaced by a new house, not just renamed once again.




1. Clowns- The new location works well, and the use of Scooby's old props was cool. The actors are great as well.


2. Zombies- I only spotted 3 zombies in the area when we passed through. And only 2 of them actually looked like they were trying to scare people.


3. Cannibals- The walk through area is no longer there, which is a bummer. The actors are good, but I really preferred last year's set up.


Screamin' Eagle, Mr. Freeze, and Batman were all running great today as well.

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2. Zombies- I only spotted 3 zombies in the area when we passed through. And only 2 of them actually looked like they were trying to scare people.


I am a Zombie in Zombieville What time did you pass through Zombieville?

I don't quite remember. I believe it was around 9:45ish.

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Just got back from our second FF visit this year. The crowd was very light as the weather kept people away, it ranged from a light mist to party cloudy. Anyway just a few thought about some of the attractions from FF and a quick picture at the end.


Hypnotist show-haven't seen it yet, really have no desire to, as each time in previous years has been very similiar

LAFF-not awful, but much better in year's past

Deadbeats-Amazing! Best new show at SF in years. The show is really too short and could go on another 10-15 minutes for my liking, also great how they get a drum circle going during Freaks Unleashed. Would be great to keep these around year round as a roving entertainment group.

Sideshow-Pretty much the same as year's past except the earless guy gets about 5 minutes to do his comedy routine. Not sure if anyone saw the story on him on Channel five a month or so ago. He does have a pretty interesting life story.

Dancers-weren't able to catch any peroformances yet, as they seemed to be cancelled due to the wet conditions.


Haven't done any of the houses yet. They have already been reviewed anyway.



Clowns-I really don't like the move to the new area, they don't really get a chance to hide and scare you

Zombies-not bad, although with the addition of Boomerang, this is really a high traffic area and also seems to lack some chances to hide and scare guests

Voodoo-really good theming and decorations, but the actors just don't do anything for me.

I really think they need to move these areas back to some of the backstage areas where there is less foot traffic and could really surprise some people.


Also met HWFan today at guest relations-looks like we screwed up in buying a membership rather than a season pass, not sure why the wife did it that way, but you were very helpful in explaining.


And now for of pic of me and HARLEYGUYJB


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So he's my more in-depth report from my visit on Saturday to Fright Fest. For some reason I got a little bit more frightened in the mazes this year than I did last year.


Full reviews of the houses, in order that we did them:

Blind Fury

Scare factor- 4/5

Details/theming- 5/5

Intensity- 3/5

Scare actors- 3/5


Blind Fury received very little (if any) modifications, but then again, it didn't really need them. There were a couple of new characters, and some from last year were gone, but none of the sets really changed. The only problem this maze has is consistency. You have a few rooms where the sets are so elaborate and amazingly detailed, such as the room with the dolls. Then you have rooms with fog and a few fences. There are more scare actors towards the beginning and end than in the middle, which focuses more on weird effects than scares. All around, this maze is lots of fun and has some of the best theming and effects of all of the houses.


Voided Vision

Scare factor- 2/5

Details/theming- 1/5

Intensity- 2/5

Scare actors- 1/5


Voided Vision is a slightly improved version of Total Darkness. The main difference is that I encountered 2 scare actors this year, compared to a grand total of 0 last year. The pitch black concept is ruined by the fact that the "scare" actors have a flashlight, which can be see from across the entire maze. I was started by one of the characters, but that's about it. I hope Six Flags decides to completely replace this maze next year.


Insanity Alley

Scare factor- 4/5

Details/theming- 5/5

Intensity- 4/5

Scare actors- 5/5


Insanity Alley is amazing this year. I was blown away by the new sets and details and the scare actors. I have to admit I thought the maze flowed better going the opposite way, like it did last year, but the new scenes more than make up for it. The scare actors are great at getting close to you and following you for as long as they please, and they never break character. The details put into the maze are top-notch, high above anything I'd expect from a Six Flags park.


The Slaughter House

Scare factor- 4/5

Details/theming- 3/5

Intensity- 3/5

Scare actors- 3/5


The Slaughter House was my favorite maze last season. This year? The entire thing is a complete trainwreck. There are total of 6 points this year where they stop guests in order to prevent pile-ups. Obviously the solution is to just space out groups at the first point, but I guess they are too dumb to realize this. For some reason the maze feels a lot shorter than last year, but I might just be imagining things. I also am pissed that one of the highlights of last year's maze, the shaking cage that they lock you in, is no longer shaking and they just send you straight through it. I'm wondering if it might have just not been working on Saturday night, or if somebody got injured last year and they got rid of it. Either way, the maze just isn't as good as last year.


The results of the houses:

4. Voided Vision- 6/20

3. The Slaughter House- 13/20

2. Blind Fury- 15/20

1. Insanity Alley- 18/20


Next year I hope we get a new house, especially if it is along the lines of Insanity Alley and Blind Fury in terms of detail. I would be even more happy if it replaced Total Darkne-- oops... I meant, Voided Vision.


The scare zones look great, especially the new clown area. The area looks extremely cool and I would love to go back and just walk through and look at all the details. Sadly, Gnawlin's Hollow's little side area is gone, which sucks. The pathway is very congested which does provide some good scares, just not as many as it did when the little side area was there.

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