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What amusement park ride will you never ride?

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A Zipper. I just can't do it. They scare me to death.


And Enterprise. I can't do a ride with a cage door and no seat belt. No thanks!


That's about it. I have jumped from a plane, bungee jumped, sky coasters, sling shot...those don't scare me!

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There's none I won't ride anymore, but I rode Space Shuttle at GADV when I was like 8 and I haven't been on it since (went in 1999, 2000, and 2004; was still scared of it in the first 2 and it was closed last year). I'd like to try to get back on it now though.

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Ferris wheels.


Put me on the tallest, scariest, fastest coaster, Ill do it. But I will NEVER do a Farris wheel. Ever. Period.


SCAD Dives


I'm really sceptical about the SCAD Dives tho. The whole falling into a net seem so much fun. But I think there is just to much room for error.


and StarFlyers


Ever since Ive seen that video of the chair swing falling over with people on it. I will NEVER go on one taller then the one at Elitches.

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I love SkyCoasters!


Ive done the ones at: Elitch Gardens(150ft), Lagoon(150ft) and Kissimmee(300ft).


The only "problem" Ive had with a skycoaster is the one at Lagoon. When I pulled the ripcord, the wire that swings you hit my head, I was fine, I just shouldn't of looked up!

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Mostly things I don't ride are rides I don't trust. The worst offender has to be a Zipper.


It sucks because I think the ride is fantastic, but those 40 yr old cotter pins just worry me too much to enjoy the ride. I'd love to see S&S or Zamperla revisit the concept with upgraded safety features.


The Starflyer I rode scared the crap out of me. I would of hoped they would have added stronger seats and chains with the added height. But no, those are basically the same seats and chains as the normal flying carousels, only about 200 feet higher! :shock:


I don't have a problem with the rides on the Strat, but that Starflyer though, whoa...



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Rides that would probably scare the s*** out of me:


Insanity, X-Scream, Star Flyer



.. but I would at least ride them


Rides I know I won't ride:


Sky Coasters, other portable rides like the reverse bungee and stuff

SCAD tower (is there one actually installed anywhere?)

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I have never found a ride I wouldnt reride.. Or that I wouldnt ride because of fear...

I LOVE zippers and wish I could ride them more then I do!...


I have been on SkyCoasters many times.. Slingshots.. Boosters...StarFlyer.... they dont even thrill me much


The last time I really got a thrill or fright from a ride was my first ride on Katanga.....

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The one true good sling shots are the traveling ones. Reason. Because you get lifted up, and your not on the groud when you launch. So you just kinda rocking up 10ft above the ground, then sudenly, WHOOOSH! It was really fun, slingshots are probly one of my favorite thrill type rides.

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