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A Note About TPR's Holiday Sale

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Hey everyone,


I have good news and bad news....


The good news is we have extended our Holiday Sale prices through December 15th.


The bad news....we have run out of Christmas Ornaments. If you have already placed your order you will be getting an Ornament.


If you want to place an order click below:



--Robb "Thanks for your support!" Alvey

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Two questions about the ornament:


How many did you make up for this first-time offer?


Any chance you could post a pic of the new ornament next year, with the sale announcement, at the same time? This one looked really pretty, but still, not knowing exactly what I would have gotten when I ordered.... well, that's just me, lol.


Ah well - guess the trade off is being on the UK Tour!

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Question : has anyone the same problem ?

I click on the orderform and on the german translation button. The orderform was translated in german that was hard to understand. But the problem was the popupwindow from a casino. Sice that ( I believe ) my computer is infectet and I get every minute a popupwindow with commercials.

If this problem comes from the orderform please fix it. In the meantime I fix my computer.

Happy holidays and a nice trip to Hong Kong and Japan.


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