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Parc de Chateau (RCT2 Park)

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Sorry for a lack of updates, but with Christmas and all I havn't been able to get an update going. But, I put the disk back in today and spent a few hours working on the place. Here is what I have done...


.Voyage Prehistorique (Mack Bobsled)

.Mardi Gras (new park area)


Here are some screens...

Voyage Prehistorique is a fun dinosaur themed Mack Bobsled that winds through some dense foliage on the banks of The Lac.


Here you can see the fastest part of the ride (not sure if this will be peep friendly). Also, the MCB's are at the bottom of the helix to theright of the screen, and you can see a maitenance path connected to them 8)


Welcome to Mardi Gras! This section basically serves as a connection between the "L'espirat de France," section of the park, and the previously unconnected "Creature du Lac," entrance plaza. I didnt want to do anything too big in this area, so all you see here are some flats, a restaurant, and a few games stands. And, of course, there is Sinistre's massive station looming above the path.


I'll end this update the same way I always do: with a park overview. I have finally reached year 20. Who knows how many left


That's all for now. Feel free to comment and critisize!

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This. Park. Looks. Amazing.


I have said it before, and I'll say it again! I LOVE this park!!! I, fortunately, cannot find one single thing wrong with this park whatsoever.


This park is coming close to the finish it seems. The entire park has come so far since Sinistre, all of the scenery goes together with its surroundings. The rides are all individually themed. And the layouts of the coaters and rides. All original.


As stated by Luxo, this has to be the most realistic park I have ever seen. And I know what you mean, about those true RCT boards. There is always something wrong, it seems. But not here. Not this park.


Keep it up!!!


PS- Was that enough

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Pretty neat! It needs a B&M and maybe some sort of darkide though. A terrain mine train just barely visible through the trees would be awsome. Some sort of drop ride would be cool too.


What he said!!!


The mine train barely visible, as a race thru the trees, would ROCK! I would think that it weould fit the park very nicely, and could wrap the park up, ya know. And hey, if you're having fun with it, who cares if it's any good


Agin, keep it up!!!

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Ok. Well, there are only a few hours left untill the new year, and I think that it would be nice to have one last update. I really didnt do much to be honest, but still, I'll post some screens anyway . Here is what I have done...


.Fantomatique (haunted mansion)

.Theatre de Regifon Fonce (theater for plays and stuff)


Here are the screens

I have to admit that I was nervous about taking on the challenge of a dark ride, mainly because I'm terrible at them. But, this time I think I did well. The castle came out nice in my opinion, and it provides a perfect backdrop for Sinistre.


I figured that every park has more than one theater, so I added a second one, complete with stunt/lighting systems.


I don't think that an overview is needed this time, so thats it. Feel free to comment and critisize, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


P.S. I honestly dont think a mine train (as awesome as it would be) will fit in the park. It would be really cool, but there is nothing worse than forcing a ride into a park.

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GREAT PARK! It reminds me of Premier Amusement Park, if you have seen it, then you will know what I mean. This is just on a smaller scale.


Sorry for the double post, but I couldnt figure out how to edit a post and add a quote. Anyway, I have seen Premier Park, and I have also downloaded it. I must say that it is hands down THE BEST RCT2 park ever made. The realism is incredible! Yes, some of my stuff is based off that park: the game stalls, unique station design, restaurants rather than food stands, etc. My park is nothing compared to premier park, but my hope is that some day I will work up to that calibur of park building. The best part is that NE Designs had mixed reviews about the park.

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Another great update! One way to add a quote is to copy what the person you're quoting wrote. Then paste it between the [ quote ] [ /quote ] code. To show who wrote it put the quote between [ quote=Luxo(or whoever it is) ] [ /quote ]

I hope that helps.

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Ok, it's time for the final update. The park is done, except for some minor details. Here is what I have added since the last update...


.Rues de Rome (park area)

.Foret Prehistorique (park area)

.Cours de Survie (survival course, like at Farrup Sommerland)

.Eclaboussure Superbe (log flume)

.Rotation de Dino (scrambler)

.Rissiere de Fleuve (slide)


Here are some pics...


Here is some of the simple, yet nice architechture of "Rues de Rome," with L'Acheron's drop to the right.


Here you can see the mammoth sign for "Voyage Prehistorique," and also the station for the log flume, "Eclaboussure Superbe."


An overview of the completed park layout. I hope to let peepes into the park soon, just for fun. The download will not have peeps, or maybe just a few 8) .



Thats all for now. Feel free to comment and critisize!

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