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Parc de Chateau (RCT2 Park)

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Ok, well when I finished Six Flags, I promised everyone that I was going to build something big, and not post any updates. Well, I soon got bored of the park, and decided to try another big park. Once again, I failed. I have just started another park, this time of a smaller scale. I am going to post updates this time, hopefully as a way to build everyones interest enough that I actually have a reason to work on the park. With that being said, here is what I have so far...


This park is supposed to be in a dense forest somewher in France. The park will have five major coasters. I am going for a very themed, good looking approach to this park, and I hope it turns out well. Here are some screen shots of what I have done so far...


The main entrance plaza


The oddly designed bridge across the river


Here you can see "Sinistre," a floorless Arrow suspended coaster that weaves through the dense forest on the river bank


An overview of what I have done in just about four "RCT2" years.


Feel free to comment and critiscize!

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YES! I have been waiting for you to get back on here after the success of AoA.


Anyways, this park looks really great so far. Sinistre's station is very unique, I like how it is built. The ride itself looks very good itself, I am usually not a big fan of these things in the game because of their swinging patterns. But Sinistre looks really nice.


As for the Midway type section, it looks amazing. Every building looks very nice, and if I were in that park, it would really set a certain "quaint" mood for the park. I would advise sticking more to that theme, but hey, if you go with a section park, anything goes!


Keep it up, and again, I am so glad that you are back in the game!

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Ok, its time for an update. I have only built one ride, but it took me a while, and it takes up a lot of space. If you turn left just before the bridge over the river, you will find "Tour de Jardin," tucked away in large garden on the edge of the park's property. It's an antique car ride, that I think turned out pretty good.

Next to "Tour de Jardin", I have started work on another section, which will probably not hold any rides, mainly just shops and restaurants. Anyway, here are some pics...


One view of the ride in action


Another view of the gardens


The gardens and the beginning of a new section are visible here


The park so far


That's all for now. Feel free to comment and critiscize!

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Well, I got in a solid three or four hours of work between last night and tonight, so I decided that I might as well post some screen shots of my progress...


Here you can see "Tonnere Francais," or "French Thunder," which is a wooden coaster I have recently built. As of now, it is not connected to any paths, but it soon will be. The area of the park it is in is dedicated to the spirit of France!


I went all out with the "French Flag" themed station. I rwally liked how Sinistre's station came out, so I wanted to do something similar, yet totally different.


Also in a new area of the park, is "Fleuve Rapide," or "Quick River." Its a nice rapids ride that will take riders on some of the nicest scenery in the park.


Overall, I am very happy with how this came out. I went for an un-covered station to make it realistic. There is even a random ride op there ready to dispatch rafts!


I have to say, I have never had this much fun making a park. Im pretty much sticking to a plan I had before I started, and I have hit many road blocks, but part of the fun is figuring out a way to get over them. By the way, "Tonnere Francais's," station took me over an hour to build.


That's all for now! Feel free to comment and critiscize!

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Its time for an update. I have done some random minor improvements, such as a theater for shows, a new restaurant, and a kiddy car ride. But, I have also built a new coaster, called "Creature du Lac." Its a standard Vekoma headbanger, with five inversions, and a nice setting over a lake, hence the name. It is inspired by Goudurix at Parc Asterix, which I think is one of the most amazing looking rides on Earth. Here are some pics of the new coaster...


Here you can see the twisted layout over the lake. In my rush to start the park, I forgot a support blocker when I added the scenery, so I hope that explains the reason for the random poles here and there under the track.


Here is the station and queue line. I spent a REALLY long time (almost three hours) on the supports/station/queue on this thing.


The turn around after the lift can easily be seen towering above the trees from the yet to be translated Spirit of France section, and Tonnere Francais's queue.


A new overview of the park. If you are observant, you can see the theater right before the bridge that leads to Tonnere Francais, and the new restaurant on the riverbank across from Sinistre.


Thats all for now. Feel free to comments and critiscize!

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I will reply, since all these Vekoma haters won't <-- NOTE: That was meant as a joke


I am really liking this park, the setting for the death machine is great Now everyone will be like, "Awwwww, what a sweet coaster. OW!!!"


Yes, that was my impersination of a Vekoma rider. Anyways, so that this post is meaningful, this park is looking really great, all of the scenery is really impressive. You have improved since SFAoA


Keep up the great work!!!

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Here is a new update, Sorry I have not had one in a while. I spent a few "years" making improvements to paths, adding some flats and scenery, a few restaurants, and one larger water ride. Here are some pics...


Here you can see the tea cups ride "The L'Apres Midi," or "Afternoon Tea." Its odd, but its one of my favorite rides in the park. It just looks nice in my opnion. Also visible here is the theater for shows and stuff.


This is another part of the park I really like. There are two rides, "Inverseur," and "Elephants de Vol."


Ride the raging waters of L'Acheron, the famous river that runs through the dark wood infront of the gates to the underworld. Abandon all hope you who enter here!


Here is a nice overview of the park. Its filling up fast!


Thats all for now. Feel free to comment and critiscize!

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Thanks Luxo! Thats the best comliment I could get. I think its funny though. I know that if I released this park on NEdesigns or something, they would tear it to shreads, but I wouldn't care. I honestly think that some of the parks there are just rediculous. I mean, how often (even at Busch or Universal) have you seen a 150 foot tall building with windows and minerettes and waterfalls? I know I havn't. I just like to build things in the same style I could see a real park.

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I totally agree, alot of my favorite parks there are in the "runners-up" area. Probably THE most realistic disney park is Iceman's Disneyland in runner-ups, while some of the ugliest messes of custom scenery I've seen made spotlight. Oh well.

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