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Favorite Word in the Urban Dictionary!


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This is my current favorite. It cracks me up.



Skeezer Salad


A whore. Must be two or more to be considered a Salad. Otherwise, they are simply a Skeezer.


Group girls walking down the street in a short skirt, tube top and heels, strutting her stuff.

Example: "She's a Skeezer"

Example: "No, its a Skeezer Salad!!!"

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1. moo-cow fuck milk

Plain old traditional whole milk, as opposed to the 21st-century fabricated "milks" such as skim, 1%, 2%, soy, goat or acidophilus

I just want back my moo-cow fuck milk! I know there ain't no such thing as soy milk because there ain't no soy titty, is there?


- Lewis Black

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no question: JAWN.


I use it for any and everything, and if you are are from Philly you likely do too. If you are not from Philly, you'll never understand.

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