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Enchanted Elements 2012 [Fixed!]

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Ok um, heres Enchanted Elements 2012...






Agenda : New for 2013 - Enchanted Elements

- Relocation of WildFire.

- Phase 3 of 5 towards the new E.E.

- Improvements in themeing.

- More Benches, Lamps, and Garbage Cans.

- A clearer view of Congo Rapids.

- COMPLETELY new buildings for the area.

- Start demolition of trees in preparation for Phase 3.

- Construction cost : $1.6 million USD.




Download Enchanted Elements 2012 Here!

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WOW :shock: THat was a really nice park. I really liked how each addition really changed the park. Especially in 2011 I think you changes the speed of Speed, because 40mph over a top hat would suck!!! And the woodie racers are much better than the old Giga that was there!


Why did you take out they flyer though, for the Inverted? Or is it stil there


Anyways, great park! Can't wait for 2013!!!

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