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What's your favorite non first hill drop on a wooden coaster

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Any drop on the Phoenix


This is a pretty good choice since the first and second drops on Phoenix are the only drops on the entire ride that are generally mundane. After that it seems like just about every drop gets progressively more insane as the ride goes on.


Having a mundane first drop isn't a requirement of the thread, but it does make Phoenix a more interesting choice.

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^I haven't been on El Toro but you're definitely the first one to put Hoosier Hurricane and El Toro together


I know, but it's because I went to Indiana Beach a lot when I was younger (Back when the park was very good and the Chance Chaos was still there), but it's been a while since I last visited (planning to visit this June though) so that's why HH is there. The double hill that lead to the drop that goes under the bridge is my favorite part of HH.

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Up until recently, I'd have said this thread could be divided between those who've ridden El Toro versus those who haven't.


Then I rode Lightning Rod.


Dear God...


...that quadruple-down...




...*wipes away drool from chin*.

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Totally agree with Lightning Rod. That quadruple down was out of control.


Yep. That about sums it up!


I guess if I am technically trying to pick my "favorite non-first hill drop on a wooden coaster" it would be the last of the 4 drops in the quadruple down on Lighting Rod!

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