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What's your favorite non first hill drop on a wooden coaster

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You know that one special drop somewhere in the back half of the coaster that ejects you from your seat and makes you scream or laugh with delight? That's usually my favorite part of any coaster. As a kid my favorite drop was the one after the turnaround on the Screamin Eagle at SFSTL


Without question my current favorite is the 4th or 5th drop (I can't remember which one it is) on the RAVEN. This drop is a killer and causes me to favor this ride over the legend.


I'm so excited about the VOYAGE!!!!!!!! See you on opening day.

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The Second hill on the Beast, after the lift hehehe

Fifth drop on the raven, you know the one, the one where people die from the airtime

Second and third drops on Danis Beach Hurricane, I get great air there

The doule up n down on Raven, great air there, yall know it


I'm gonna go make a maragarita, and finish my beer

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-Magnum XL 200, the hill before the pretzel turnaround.

-Blue Streak, that small bunny hill after the turn around

-Viper (SFGAm), the last bunny hill. You get a suprise pop of air with a headchopper.

-Pheonix, the double up in the front seat.

-GASM (SFOG), front seat on the first hill on the quarter turn.

-Roar (SFMW), the zero G turn thing.

-Riddlers Revenge (SFMM), the zero G hill near the trims.

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Cornball's waterside drop in the back seat at night is probably one of the best anywhere. The 2nd & 3rd hills of Shivering Timbers are also rather nice.


I haven't really been on enough woodies to judge though. Hoping to get to the Dells and Holiday World next year though :o .



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DL's Space Mountain has this little drop that always catches me off guard--I never see it coming. (Since the recently finished rehab follows the same configuration, I assume it's still there.)


That last drop toward the river on the Big Bad Wolf at BGW is pretty cool, too.

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*Cyclops' last drop, although the first is equally insane-if not more- IMO.

*HP Wildcat in general. Nice and twisted, yet packed with some nice air.

*Vortex's first drop.Yeah its a first drop, but how can you ignore that delicious floater air comming down it?

*King Cobra (RIP) drop into helix. You just get ejected at the crest, then are suspended in the air as you fly sideways, landing back in your seat midway through the curve.

*Hades in the tunnel. Gotta love not knowing when the pop kicks in...

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"The drop" on Villain (when it was still in a good running condition) or the drop after the first turnaround on Raging Wolf Bobs in the back (in its current state). It may not look like much, but you first get thrown to the right, then you get launched into the air for the best moment I've experienced of lateral air.

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