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What coasters do you want to ride?

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From my list on the other page, ones I wanted to ride in 2007 that I rode since then:

Comet @ Great Escape




El Toro

Skull Mountain




Boulder Dash

Riddler's Revenge

Riddler's Revenge

Superman @ SFNE

Storm Runner

Any Batman clone


Goliath @ LaRonde


I still want to ride:

Colossos @ Heide Park

Powder Keg

Expedition GeForce


Goliath @ Walibi World

Olympia Looping

Ozark Wildcat

Superman Krypton Coaster


Jetline @ Grona Lund

Avalanche @ Timber Falls

Kentucky Rumbler

Mystery Mine

Tennessee Tornado


Jubilee Odyssee


Goliath @ SFOG


Vogel Rok!

Mindbender in Edmonton

Boardwalk Bullet

Atlantis Adventure


Vliegende Hollander


New additions:

Blue Fire



Eagle Fortress

T Express



Evil Knievel

Thunderbird @ Power Park

Timber Terror


Fluch von Novgorod

Saw - The Ride


And I will totally ride all of these some day.

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I would ideally like to ride most major coasters (but not necessarily all the clones of one ride design). However, here are the top ones:



Superman-Ride Of Steel (Six Flags New England)

Goliath (Six Flags Over Georgia)

Nitro, Kingda Ka & El Toro(Six Flags Great Adventure)

All 3 Holiday World Woodies



Ravine Flyer II

Boulder Dash





Expedition GeForce

Goliath (Walibi World)

Colossos (Heide Park)

Tonnerre de Zeus


I will probably go on all the U.S. ones some day, but it is unlikely I wll get to any international parks unless I go on a coaster trip. There just really aren't many amusement parks outside the United States that I am interested in visiting.

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-Oblivion-Alton Towers

-Eejanaika-Fuji-Q Highland (Had to think about this. Even though the experience might be Crap. I'd still like to get to Asia.)

-Boulder Dash-Lake Compounce


-Beast,SonofaBeast- Kings Island

-Volcano-Kings Dominion

-Superman RoS: SFNE


I'd really love to ride them all!!!

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- Mr Freeze (hittin' SFOT in March)

- Titan (hittin' SFOT in March)

- Kingda Ka

- El Toro

- X2

- Firehawk

- Nighthawk

- Batwing

- Spongebob Squarepants Rock Bottom Plunge

- Led Zeppelin the ride (please don't get scrapped)

- Raptor

- Top Thrill Dragster

- Millennium Force

- Fly The Great Nor'Easter

- Incredible Hulk

- Dueling Dragons (both fire and ice)

- CHANG!!! I'm named after it! (well last-named after it. actually I'm a Chan, but Chang is the same name, just a variation of it)


My list goes on...


Wood Dragon 1988, Playland is my home park, so I've ridden Coaster many times. It's a 50 year old woodie with some insane airtime. You feel like you're going to fly out or something when you go down the first two drops but you know you aren't going anywhwere.


There's me on Coaster in the front car.

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I have a few lists here...


Random coasters



Joker's Jinx

Big Bad Wolf



Viper (SFMM)

Black Mamba


I also have a list of Schwarzkopf coasters that I want to ride:


Olympia Looping

Mindbender (Galaxyland)

Tsunami (used to be Zonga)

Montaña Infinitum (a triple loop model)



And finally, I have a list of flatrides that I want to ride!


Break Dance 2 (a larger 6 satellite model)

Evolution (Bussink model)

Flying Circus

one of those old Zipper rides that ran nearly twice as fast as newer models! Although I don't think any exist anymore. EDIT: Actually, there does

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T Express




Every Intamin I have yet to ride (Maverick, Fahrenheit, Thunder Dolphin, Expedition G-Force, Goliath, all the mega-lites, etc)




Ravine Flyer II

Steel Dragon 2000



Defunct coasters I'd want to ride:

Drachen Fire

Crystal Beach/Revere Beach Cyclones

Tornado (Coney Island)

Skyclone Coaster (central park, Allentown)

Puritas Springs Cyclone

Bobs (Riverview Park)

Aero Coaster (Rye Playland)

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Satchboogie I've ridden Behemoth myself. It's a really intense ride and the next generation B&M "staggared" seating really gives you a good view. It's my first and only B&M (that will change after I visit SFOT). The first drop even got some good airtime even if you get stapled. The whole ride is like 3 minutes long but it doen'st even seem like 3 minutes! I'm obsessed with that coaster lol

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Batman and Robin was plagued with technical difficulties hence it was disassembled. I'm hoping some park could buy it of SFGAdv and then fix it up and get it in good working condition. I even had a dream one time that my home park (which REALLY needs a new coaster badly) bought it and fixed it up to working condition and re-themed it and it was instantly the most popular ride in the "I guess you can call it a park".

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"I'm dying to see what X2 is like with the new trains and FIRE!" (stuartnz)


Sorry for a near-double post, but even as one who pretty much swore off the original X because of having been beaten up by it, I do admit that I'll ride X2. It isn't THAT much smoother than X, but it is better, and the fire effect at night is really cool in my opinion.


I just wonder what happened to the fog at the bottom of the raven turns?



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First of all, I have never had the opportunity to ride any Deja Vu-- they're always closed, it's a conspiracy! I'm wildly curious as to what a good Vekoma is like. So this year, I'm getting on the Vu.


I also want to ride


1. Eagle's Fortress (I have a relative living in Korea, so the idea isn't that off-the-wall...)

2. Any Mr. Freeze

3. Shockwave (Schwarzkopf)

4. Boulder Dash

5. Voyage

6. I know this sounds crazy, but I've always wanted to ride a TOGO Ultra Twister, just because I don't have the credit.

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Well, since I have like 13 credits to my name there are alot of Coasters I want to ride.


Matterhorn - Its a classic



Deja Vu


Those are the ones that popped into my head. There are many more, but I was distracted when making the list. Damn Bible homework!

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For future coasters, I have to say I cannot wait to ride manta. It looks so spectacular. I also look forward to doing a tpr trip to europe someday and maybe even an east coast trip. I would love to ride furius baco and dragon khan and really all the coasters at port aventura. black mamba of phantasialand and expedition geforece of holiday park as well. In asia, id love to check out eejanika and dodonpa. chinas new woodie looks cool as well. jet ski coaster in sea world also looks like a blast. and in the nation, fahrenheit and ka and boulder dash etc. I have a huge list and Im so excited about the thought of maybe riding some of these someday, all those sentences are like fragments. nice!!!!!!

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