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What coasters do you want to ride?

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I want to ride:

- Expedition Ge-Force

- S:RoS (SFNE or SFDL)

- Thunderhead

- Hades

- Raven

- The 'Silverwoodies'

- Storm Runner


I want to ride again (outside of So Cal):

- Pheonix

- Twister

- NM Rattler

- Apollo's Chariot

- Nitro

- Medusa West

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Every non-kiddy coaster, I'm not a credit whore... Juniors are alright though.




Expedition GeForce

Storm Runner



Superman Ride of Steel (SFNE)


Those are the ones that I want to get on bad.



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I know Robb, Elissa and Dan's opinions on Dodonpa aren't good, but i'd love to ride it! Mostly for the launch, but I weigh next to nothing so it'd be airtime for me! Or hurt-time..


Expedition GeForce and Grand National.


Now I have been on the GN before but it's so dam good I have get back to Blackpool as soon as possible! (It's only an hours drive away )

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wow... Why do a lot of people want to ride Hulk? I have been on it about 40 or so times.. And dont see whats so great about it. The launch isnt that good... Oh boy! 5mph to 40mph (35mph launch!!!3!!$#!!!!) and its not even that great of a layout.. :?


Well, this is somewhat OT, but I'd suggest that stats are not all. And some of us prefer one thing, some another. I'm a big B&M fan, but I prefer their swoopier layouts (Medusa West, say) to the shake-and-bakers (like the Batclones). Some reasons Hulk remains in my Top 10, along with MF, S:ROS (DL), Montu, X, and TTD? (And consistently places in the top 20 in polls, btw.) ---


*Going up that tube and then into a barrel roll as soon as you hit the air...great.

*Topnotch theming and effects that actually add to the ride experience.

*Great visuals.

*What I feel is excellent pacing. Exhilarating, not nauseating.

*Excellent rerideability.

*And ride ops who really know what they're doing.


On the other hand, why CoasterFanatic wants to ride Zonga is beyond me. SFMW is my home park, and I've tried, really tried, to like it. I've ridden in every car, braced, leaned forward...it still remains pure pain, and I'll reckon most who ride it agree. But hey, if you want to ride Schwarzkopf, you want to ride Schwarzkopf. Far be it from me to suggest otherwise.


Back on topic, since I'm going East in May, might as well want to ride the coasters I will indeed ride (the goddess of breakdowns willing):






Apollo's Chariot


oh, and if someone will send me a plane ticket, GeForce.

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Here are the rides I want to ride.

Expedition G Force

Mullenium Force


Dueling Dragons






Superman Ulteminte Flight





Mr Freeze

Steel Force


Storm Runner

Phantoms Revenge


The over 90 angle coaster at Oakwood

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Here are mine

1: Dueling Dragons (Islands Of Adventure)

2: Steeple Chase (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

3: Millenium Force (Cedar Point)

4: Kraken (Sea World Orlando)

5: Twister (Habtoorland)

6: Goliath (Six Flags Magic Mountain *I have the same birthday as it)

7: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Disney World)

8: Incredible Hulk (Islands Of Adventure)

9: Volcano The Blast Coaster (Paramount's King's Dominion)

10: Oki Doki (Bobbejon Land)

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  • 1 year later...

^What difference does it make?


Anyway, here's a new list:


Storm Runner



El Toro




Mystery Mine

Kentucky Rumbler


Kumba (had to be freakin' closed when I was there)


Grand National

Speed: No Fear




Thunder Dolphin

Crazy Mouse at Tobu Zoo (I have a fascination with really small loopers)

Atomic Coaster

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^^why are you getting on the kid's case for bumping an old thread that still has relevance? The guy is following the rules versus creating rendundant threads without searching first.


I'd rather see this thread bumped than one more page of x-Flights posts.

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Believe it or not, I've never been on Millenium Force (although CP is only a couple hours from me). I'm dying to try it! Also, add TTD. Others on my wish list:

Apollo's Chariot


The Hulk

Wild Thing

Revolution at SFMM- just because it was in my favorite movie, "Rollercoater"


Steel Force


Storm Runner at Hershey

Raging Bull

El Toro

Shivering Timbers


Pepsi Max- Blackpool

Dragon Khan



Expedition Everest

Matterhorn Bobsleds at Disneyland

the list could go on....and on....

I know it's not a coaster but I'd absolutely love to ride that thing that shoots you into the air on top of the Stratosphere in Vegas!

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Well here's mine:


1)Nemisis which I'm going to ride sometime between now and the 2012 olympics (most likely next year)


2) Alpengiest which I missed out on when I was at Busch Gardens.


3) Any SLC, I just have to see how bad they are!


4) Expedition GeFoce, I just want to ride this awsome roller coaster!


5) Excalibur, if its really as good as the hype, then I want to ride this ride! (too be ridden this summer).

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