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New Year's Resolutions

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Not a resolution here. But interesting to note.

Here's how they do New Year's in Denmark...


Copenhagen, Denmark

Normally the Danes are thought of as a fairly sensible lot, but this all goes out the window on New Year's Eve. Crockery smashing and jumping off chairs are just two of the traditions that you can take part in if you plan a New Year trip to Copenhagen. The locals stand on chairs and jump off of them at the stroke of midnight in unison, literally jumping forward into the New Year. This is supposed to banish evil spirits, who are left behind in the old year. Smashing up old plates, teacups, and other assorted tableware items is also a part of the festivities, meant to bring about good luck. As you wind your way through the city streets, you'll have to dodge the broken crockery on the way to the party at Amalienborg Square.


An artsy New Years Jump.


That is a lot of crockery to clean up.

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A new Res for myself...


I do want to get back to Tokyo Disney Resort as often as I can afford, in time and budget. And although the total time in the new additions and alterations to both parks, will be about 9 years...I can't wait that long darnit!!!


So my New Year's Resolution is to visit TDLR in the years 2017, 2020...and finally in 2023,

when everything is (supposed to be) finished and in place, woo hoo!


That's a nice Resolution I'd say, hmm?


(And I think I can keep it too, lol.)


Ooo I just cannot wait for Arendelle to materialize! (o: (Thank you Robb for the artwork)

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  • 11 months later...




Might as well start early, here. Hmmmm...


I resolve to continue NOT SMOKING.... cigarettes.

(For now, I am at 7 months' nicotine-free time. Woot!)


I resolve to let go of old mind crap that doesn't deserve to

stick around in my head, as long as it has. i.e regret, vengance...


And I resolve to appreciate my partner more, and forgive the mistakes

he makes, through the years, as I myself am going through the same.


Done - for now.


Actually ~ Hoping to resolve to get to next year's edition

of this weekend. The timing will prove all. (o:

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^ Congrats on quitting cigarettes, Bill!


Michael and I are about ten or eleven years without them and we actually gave them up as our New Year's resolution. My mother had just died from complications of COPD/Emphysema from smoking the year before, so that was a huge motivating factor - that and the fact that Michael also has COPD. It actually wasn't as hard for me as I thought it was going to be...and I did it cold turkey!


As far as resolutions, I usually don't make many because I end up breaking them (save for the quitting cigarettes). I always say that I am going to get more exercise, drink less, try to be more tolerant of our ever-increasing population of dumb-asses...but it never seems to work out that way.

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I've stuck to some of my old resolutions pretty well. I've successfully started eating less fattening foods, gave up soda, and manage my money better.


Organization and procrastination are two resolutions that I've never been able to conquer no matter how much I attempt it. This year I might also strive to flip out less at people. At least for 1/365 days. Evolution, I'm afraid is beginning to go in reverse.

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My resolution is to become more tech savvy. I can make Excel do just about anything I want it to, but when it comes to figuring out things like my iPhone or non-Excel computer stuff, the tech spot in my brain is filled with air. I'm ready to stop putting it off because I think this is worth doing. Who knows --- it might even make some of my theme park experiences better! Happy New Year to my fellow TPR guys.

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