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New Year's Resolutions

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3. Figure out how to insert the phrase "do my tits in" into conversation at least once a week.


That should be on everyone's resolution list.


I always say I'm going to eat healthier, but why bother. I've already eaten all sorts of crap today - cookies, candy, potato chips, fries, grilled cheese, more cookies.


One thing I seriously want to do is to stop worrying about what other people think.


I also want to run at least 1 half marathon every month. I hope to try and train better for them, as well as become a bit faster.


2008 overall was a good year and I met a bunch of great new people through TPR. I hope everyone has a happy and healthy 2009!

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^ That's ok. I always start mine on 2nd Jan.


Normally I'm too hungover on NYD so eat rubbish so I always figure 2nd Jan's the best day to start!


so, it didn´t work at all, smoked again this morning as soon as i arrived at work......


new resolution: no more new years resolutions!!!!!

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Am going to BUMP this up, as the season so dictates..... getting close now.


Hmmm. What to "resolve". With this past whupping (sp?) I got medically thru this entire past decade (including now, sprained my foot, go figure!) I am more than happy to kick 2000s's sorry butt out the door, LOL. But, what to Resolve?


3) Try to stop worrying so much - as much as I usually do - about anything and everything that happens around me. I can't take care of it all, so why try and stress out about it, hmm? So, not so much worry worry in 2010. But I still enjoy giving out maps on TPR Tours. It's fun!


2) Have a kick-butt year of touring parks and cultures with not one but two TPR Tours to do, this coming year! Woo hoo! Starting with the UK Tour, then to Italy and up thru Germany and finally to The Netherlands, all in Tour #2. Going to be great, both tours, so I RESOLVE to Enjoy Them Both Thoroughly, LOL!


3) Is kind of an odd one, but one I think needs doing...


Our annual fair, the PNE (Pacific Nartional Exhibition) is celebrating it's 100th Birthday next year. I just got my Playland 2010 Season's Pass to start using in April, and the Fair doesn't happen until last two weeks of August. But the RESOLVE is to stop dissing the fair and park so much, as I've been known to do every year . AND to take advantage of some really unique fair-only food items a lot of you already know about, thru your own parks or carnivals or fairs..


Like Deep Fried Mars Bars! - need to try one of those this summer. And other unique and definite PNE eating staples (Elephant Ears! Mini-Donuts!) to easily enjoy devouring thru a day's visit there.


Heck, maybe even buy a Rides Pass to ride the extra flats and stuff they bring in espeically for the fair, hmmm? Seasons Pass doesn't cover it, so thats to consider to do for once, as well as eating fair food. Yum!


So that's my three for the New year -


3) Stop worrying so much about any and everything. Best as I can do.


2) Enjoy a great 2010's worth of TPR Tours and stuff. And everybody on them, too! Got to enjoy who you tour around with and TPR is great for that.


1) Enjoy what I got (Playland), where it's at (PNE grounds), and take advantage of the FAIR FOOD!


Early Happy New Year Everybody!



(Edit to ask any of the Mods to alter the subheading of this thread - to '2010' and 'start on page 11'...? Thanks in advance.)

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I have a few:


Life Goals:

1. Start a relationship (with a female)

2. Try harder in college (I sucked & didn't care my first semester )

3. Survive living on my own for 8 months in Florida (no Mom & Dad to live off of during my WDW College Program)

4. Get in shape (I've been lazy for the last 5 months )


Coaster Season Goals:

1. Get at least 350+ credits

2. Ride over 1000 roller coaster rides (in general, I rode a coaster 580x in 09)

3. Meet some new TPRers

4. Try & go over seas (maybe Disneyland Paris in August!)

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1.) Gain at least 30lbs!! And not just fat either.... Like I want to look normal not like one of those kids from the "Feed The Childern" comericals...


2.) Not fight as much with Matt...


3.) Get my Macbook Air!


4.) Get a new job that pays good!


Thats all I can think of for now, but if I come up with some more I will be sure to list them!


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Ugh, I never really did new year's resolutions since I never went through with them, but I definitely would like to be more consistent with my workouts. I was doing good the first five months I was lifting, then I got caught up in a new job with crazy hours and lost motivation. I'd also like to get a career going next year so I can finally get a new car and possibly my own place.


And finally my last resolution is to ride my 100th coaster (My count is 68) and visit one or more of the following parks:

Kings Island

Cedar Point






EDIT:I can't believe I forgot to add Six Flags Great Adventure to the list. I'd love to experience El Toro!

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