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New Year's Resolutions

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1. learn how to play acoustic guitar that I have hanging on my wall.

2. lose some weight, maybe

3. treat others that I might not have teated like I should have better.


How do I plan to accomplish (or attempt)

1. I am going ot take lessons from a local lady on guitar and possibly through my church

2. Hopefully eat better and this spring and summer get a little more active

3. Just be nice even when I get mad.

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My resolutions are...


1.) Learn how to play the piano better!

2.) Move to Sandusky, and stay there, and not keep moving all over the place.

3.) Get a Dalmation puppy!!

4.) Get stuck on the Top of Dragster! (What? It happens 1 in every 80,000 launches, or so they say.)

5.) Not fall for a complete a$$hole.


I think thats about it!


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1. Lose half my body weight.

2. Be a bit more tolerant of other people when they do my tits in.

3. Not get involved with any more sailors!

4. Not squander cash on a load of clothes I'll never wear.


Try as I will, I'm sure that I will have broken at least two of these by mid-January!!

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My Resolutions:


1) Get a car

2) Road trip to Cedar Point in the summer

3) Join the track team at my school

4) break the fastest time at my school

Okay, I totally don't know you or your athletic achievements/abilities, but coming from someone who ran track for five years, it is VERY hard to "break the fastest time at my school" for a track team you apparently haven't joined.


I have one resolution:

Don't waste as much money.


A big part of this will be scaling back on coaster trips. Last year it was go any time I got off work, this year I will have a limit on how much I will spend

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I am making a resolution too eat less this year. No not necassarily lose weight but eat less! I eat very little now but I find myself snacking alot and it's just like *blaghblurgelsplurg* (thats the sound my tummy makes when I gain weight ) all the time. So I figure eating less will help this cause, I don't wanna be like I'm gunna lose weight cuz' that will just be a HUGE let down like EVERY year so far. But eating less is a good goal.



Kalepi "eat less but more fattening foods" Konei

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The first one is going to sound really really cheesy.... be prepared.


1. Take everything that comes at me as a new challenge.

2. Deal with rejection in a more "Mature" way.

3. Stick with my friends who actually care about ne.

4. Take no crap from anyone.

5. Try harder at school..... or start a band.





(The starting a band part on the fifth resolution is my backup plan if I completely mess up)

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Mine are:


1.) Get a pet monkey called Jo Jo

2.) Stop throwing water balloons at the dogs across the street

3.) Be more tolerant towards Walibi Belgium even though they are one of the worse parks (opps. Oh well. I'll try again next year)

4.) Eat the worlds largest hotdog

5.) Spend more time on TPR



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