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Newborn Baby Guinea Pigs


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I'd like to ask everyone to keep our little female guinea pig, Joni, in their thoughts. Her mom has started rejecting her, so we've started her on milk replacement formula. We'll be feeding her by syringe every 3 to 4 hours for the next several days. I'll post updates about her everyday or so for a few days and I'll post more pics of all the babies in a couple of days.

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Thanks for your thoughts everyone.


I dont know but when we had a litter of puppies this never happened so i dont understand but i am very sorry


I don't know for sure why it happened. Maybe Oreo sensed that Joni was sick or something. I guess maybe we just missed something with Joni. I know from past experience with rodents that sometimes if a mother has given birth and it senses that one of the babies is sick, the mom will reject the one that is sick to concentrate on caring for the ones that are healthy.


And sometimes, after a female animal gives birth, she just shows no interest in nursing the babies. There are stories about bigger animals that do the same on television sometimes. We've had to bottle raise puppies in the past when the mom wouldn't.


Oreo's litter was actually larger than normal and she's a first time mom, so things like this just happen I guess. Both Socks and Ringo are growing quickly, and Oreo is doing a fine job with them, so we're very thankful for that.

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LOL, they're funnier looking than Robb!


You ought to see them when they "Popcorn" (they hop into the air when they're very happy)! It's so funny! I just waiting for them to start doing their laps around the cage like their parents do! It kinda like watching "Cousin It" run around in circles, it's just hilarious!

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I'm going to have to go ahead and steal one of the pictures of Socks because I think it is the cutest picture I have seen in forever! (Just want to post it on my blog) I swear, I almost melted when I saw the picture of Socks with his big 'ol head and tiny body. I miss my gerbils Too bad you can't have pets in college...

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^that's cool!


^^yeah, right now Socks head is proportionently bigger than his body, but he'll grow into it eventually. If he's anything like his daddy, he'll be huge from head to tail in about 5 or 6 months. The way his fur is growing in is kind of weird right now, but we think he's going to have the Abyssinian coat like his momma.


Ringo is so fluffy and soft and if he keeps growing like he has this first week, he's going to be a giant among guinea pigs!!

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