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What is the coolest coaster name?

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Mind Bender [sFOG] is cool too, but I think the space makes it too like.. formal, it sounds cooler as one word. [/park bias]


-Sean 'Galaxyland is the best thing since sliced bagels. Seriously!' S


Oh! And Nemesis and Oblivion. Go AT! [Want to go so bad!]


Eek! I forgot more! Stealth and BORG Assimilator.

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Phoenix is certainly fitting, but I think the whole "resurrection" themed things named "Phoenix" is a little redundant by now--I recently played golf at Phoenix GC, built on an old landfill. Becoming way overused, IMO.


I personally love Millennium Force, Renegade, and Poltergeist, with SOOPERDOOPERLOOPER and Cornball Express as admirable attempts.


Drachen Fire and Face/Off are also on the list, even though they no longer name an existing ride.

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1. Eejanaika (just love saying it!)

2. Alpengeist (ditto)

3. The Voyage (sounds cool and enigmatic)

4. Steel Hawg (Hey, it's got personality!)

5. Phoenix (is very apropos given that coaster's backstory)

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