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What is the coolest coaster name?

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  • 4 years later...

I think these names are cool for roller coasters (just saying)


* Darchen Fire

* Beastie

* Dueling Dragons

* Dragon Fyre

* Leviathan

* Magnum (XL-200)

* Tantrum

* Nightmare (At Phantom Cave or Crack Axle Canyon)

* Quantum Loop

* Millennium Force

* Goliath (Jr.)

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  • 2 months later...

I'm surprised nobody has mentioned this gem yet: https://rcdb.com/3067.htm



It literally has the word "cool" twice in it's name, therefore it is twice as cool as every other coaster XD


Edit: Nevermind, It's been mentioned multiple times already, I must have misspelled something when I searched this thread the first time to ensure I wasn't repeating someone. Still one of the best coaster names of all time tho

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The coolest? Obviously its Superspeed Cool-Cool Bear


I literally just said Super Speed Cool-Cool Bear 4 posts above you


Ok I gave a link to it without explicitly mentioning the name, but I still posted about it


Sorry I didn't read the thread before posting. You get all the cool points.

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