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What is the coolest coaster name?

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My all time favorite coaster names:


Flight Deck

Dive Coaster


Roller Coaster


Okay seriously, lol




Black Mamba



Shivering Timbers

Mystery Mine


Vertical Velocity (V2)


Wicked Twister

Top Thrill Dragster

Deja Vu

All Busch Garden's coasters (except Cheetah Hunt)



Ninja (horrible coasters, but the name is such a good name for a coaster that beats the shit out of you!)


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Cyclone is about as good a name as it gets, which is probably why it is used so much. Wildcat is good too like that.


Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain is so ridiculous it's awesome. LoCoSuMo (edit: I typed it different here but some editor changed it) is probably the best coaster abbreviation.


Rebel Yell is overlooked by many, but a very cool name for some.


Of the names discussed, many are great but I think I like Beast the best.

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Leviathan for the win, it's just this epic monsterous sounding name. Runner-Ups are probably any of Busch Gardens major coasters, especially Sheikra and Alpengeist, I like Tatsu, Raptor. Those are just off the top of my head...wow kind of odd they're all beemers, I definitaly didn't plan it that way haha

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