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All About Powered Coasters

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I didn't know there was such a thing until visiting this site. Now, I'm extremly curious about them. I've never ridden one before, but now that I think back on it, I might recall seeing one.


Pretty much every picture I've seen of a powered coaster is of the Dragon things that everyone seems to have. Are all powered coasters like this? Pre-fabricated, lame-o kiddie rides?


Is there such thing as a good powered coaster? Passing no judgement on whether or not they count as "roller coasters", are any of them actually fun?


Please, more information! Feed me more! MORE!

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There are some really great Powered Coasters out there! You're right tha the majority are those Dragon Coasters from Zamperla but Mack makes some really fun ones, and lots of parks theme around them and make them great rides! Here are some pictures from the one at Europa Park:





In Europe there were ones that went through mountains, had fire effects, interacted with other rides and more! Probably the best one in North America is at Paramount's Canadas Wonderland.


Elissa "wish I counted them as credits" Alvey

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Hmm.. I'll put it on my "Next time I'm in Canada" to-do list, along with:


-stock up on Ketchup-flavored potato chips




-go moose tipping.


The idea of a powered coaster isn't a bad one at all, but those Zamperlas just kinda sour me to the whole concept.


Makes you wonder if people would count powered coasters as credits if they were all hella-awesome

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Powered Coasters are good fun, on some parts of the track layout you can hear the motor's squeeling to the Max.


A good one was at "Thorpe Park" called the "Flying Fish", this used to be called "Space Station Zero" in the early 90's and was indoors.


Sadly they removed the "fish" to create "Stealth" for this season.


The "fish" is in storage at this time and hopefully will move to "Chessington World of Adventures" soon.

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I've been on way more of these than I care to admit, but I will echo the common sentiment: The Mack Blauer Enzian powered coasters are pretty fun and they are a LOT faster than the Zamperla models. (Buffalo, Dragon, r=Rudolph and Tornado models seem to be the bulk of them, although the Hello Kitty coasters and the Pokemon coaster are also from Zamperla.)

The Macks are even better when themed, but not enough of them are.

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