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What is the best coaster in your home park?

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I have got 2 home parks:

Efteling and Walibi World both in the Netherlands


The Best coaster in Walibi World is Goliath (how suprising).


And the best coaster in the Efteling is Vogelrok, just becouse i got some really nice memory's of that ride

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a couple months ago... it was SFoG...

Coaster: Great American Scream Machine

Flat: Acrophobia


Now... it's Holiday Park... haven't visited the park yet...

Coaster: Expedition GeForce (No Brainer)

Flat: Dunno...

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Larry -


I am not only envious that you got to ride Deja Vu (not to mention all three!!) but that you caught the Cyclone on a good day. I go months between good days at times


- Joe, who thinks Mind Bender is tops, and after that, Cyclone, Vu, Scorcher and Superman are all pretty close

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