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What is the best coaster in your home park?

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BGT, Sheikra in my mind is the clear winner, but there are those who would say Montu or Kumba for sure. Depending on preference I'm not sure there would be a clear consensus.


While the park really does have 4 very good coasters, I would think Kumba would get the majority of the votes. It would absolutely get mine. Now that Gwazi is closing though there is bound to be that one guy who says it was the best ride there and the rest of us "must not have known how to ride it". I'll sit and wait patiently for that guy to show up so I can laugh at him.


Kumba is a good coaster and puts most other loopers to shame with the way it uses the landscape to its advantage. I just have a hard time ranking what is still a standard looper with the same slate of inversions as numerous other coasters over a roller coaster with THAT drop.


Still, the first really big B&M looper is the boss of so many looping coasters that came after it, no question here.

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Since I have several home parks...


Disneyland: Space Mountain

Disney California Adventure Park: California Screamin' (this is also my favorite resort-wide)

Knott's Berry Farm: Xcelerator

Six Flags Magic Mountain: At the moment, I go back and forth between Full Throttle and Tatsu...Apocalypse would be a contender too if it still ran like it did opening year. After it opens, however, I'm pretty confident Twisted Colossus will become my favorite.

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