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What is the best coaster in your home park?

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My home park is SFMM and I think my favorite is Tatsu.


THANK YOU for not saying X2! I agree that Tatsu is the top ride at SFMM.


Haha, you are welcome! I still love X2 but I can't get over how awesome it feels to ride Tatsu, especially with that pretzel loop!

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Legoland California

Favorite Coaster: Technic Coaster

Favorite Flat: Knight's Tournament


Knott's Berry Farm

Favorite Coaster: Xcelerator

Favorite Flat: Supreme Scream


Six Flags Magic Mountain

Favorite Coaster: X2

Favorite Flat: Lex Luthor

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A few years ago, I'd have been talking about Alabama Adventures as my home park, but... now since it's a coasterless waterpark only (a water park I haven't been to in aeons) I do suppose SFOG takes this honour, despite being a state away. Ah well.


Goliath's awesomeness cannot be overstated.

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After my favorite park in the whole world, Crystal Beach in Ontario, Canada, closed for good many years ago, my interest in Coaster riding has vanished. The Comet rolleroaster was my favorite when the park still existed, and I know they moved it to Great Escape in the Eastern part of New York, but it still isn't the same. When it was situated right next to Lake Erie, that made the Comet 100 times better. As for parks near me that are still open, I suppose Darien Lake's coasters are good, although I've only been on the Predator, since I never liked to go on coasters that go upside down. My other favorite woodies are the Jack Rabbit at Seabreeze Park in Rochester, and the Blue Streak at Caunneaut Lake, Pennsylvania.

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