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What is the best coaster in your home park?

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Mine is Adventureland NY... and proud of it!




Best coaster there is obviously The Hurricane.

Best flat ride, used to be Surf Dance, but they're getting rid of that to make room for a frezbee . So now the best flat is between Top Scan(runs an INSANE program, too bad somebody flew off it and died. I'm not kidding. ), and the pirate ship.

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I dont have a homepark really, but the closest park with decent coasters is Tusenfryd, only 8-9 hours away. Thundercoaster is easily the best coaster in the park, although I consider it to be 'just ok'. It was a fantastic coaster when it opened, but now its just a pale shadow of what it used to be. Next year however, Im excepting a totally different coaster to be the best one

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Although they built a killer roller coaster with the Boss a few years ago, there is nothing better at my park than the Screamin' Eagle! built in 1976 this coaster still packs everything a coaster nut could want... steep drops, quick turns, airtime... what more could you ask for...AND to make things even better, they are actually re-tracking it to make it all new again!!!


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I guess my home park would be Beech Bend, except I have never been there. It's only an hour and a half away. SFOG is more of a "home park" to me, even though it is 4 hours away. I go there all the time. My favorite coasters are all of them! even Ninja! The best flat/ tower ride is Freefall, but if I ride Acro when I go back in April, I'm sure it will soon become my favorite.

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Technically Vapor Trail at Sesame Place (only coaster in the park) but I am going to say Talon at Dorney. I also consider Great Adventure my home park and there I think the best coaster is Nitro.

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My home park is PKI so I would have to say The Beast, but my personal favorite is Flight of Fear, I love that crazy thing. I really want to road trip to ride Poltergeist, Joker's Jinx and the other Flight of Fear.

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