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What is the best coaster in your home park?

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I know it only goes 35miles an hour but I still love Space Mt. at Disneyland with Ghostrider at Knott's a close second.


But let's face it we owe all our steel wonderment to Walt Disney and Arrow with the Matterhorn.

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I already did Kennywood, so I'll do my other "home" park, Idlewild. The best coaster at Idlewild would have to be Wild Mouse, the world's only Vekoma mouse (Thank God!!). Obviously I don't have much of a choice, since the only other coaster at Idlewild is Rollo Coaster.

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I've got two parks I consider "home" parks: Canada's Wonderland and Darien Lake. Both of these parks are no brainers when it comes to best coasters. They are Behemoth and Ride of Steel, respectively. Can't complain having B&M and Intamin hypers only about an hour drive from me.

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I can't pick one. It's a toss up between X, Xcelerator, Ghostrider (but only at night) and Space Mountain.


I know the last one is pretty weak compared to the others listed but although it's not scary or too thrilling it's loads of fun! I always come off of that ride with a huge smile and a genuine sense of happiness.

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My home park is Alton Towers, well the closest one. I'm from Scotland so the closest park is AT. My Favorite coaster in AT is AIR or OBLIVION, they are both so good, so I just can't decide. Air is nice and smooth but Oblivion is very thrilling!!!!

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I have a lot of homeparks, so I'll just do my true one.

Castle Amusement Park: Merlin's Revenge. Just a little vekoma roller skater. It's only competition is Little Dipper and Screamin' Demon, their new spinning coaster that I haven't ridden yet.

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