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Old Park Maps

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All of these topics on retro parks and rides reminded me of my first Knott's visit. So I did some digging for old photos, and I found this park map.

The front:


the back:



(The pictures have about an inch cut out on both sides because they wouldn't completely fit on the scanner.)


What old park maps do you have?

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Anyone know what happened to the Themeparkbrochures website? Used to be a cool website with old park maps, but now themeparkbrochures.com seems to be a vacation planning site.


I went to check it out early in the summer and it was gone

The had a Lake Compounce brochure from the time it was owned by Hershey that i wanted to reference.

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I have an original (and used/folded/unfolded/taped) 1962 Disneyland map, with all the "Future Attractions" there, beautifully drawn (Pirates, Mansion, Edison Square, Hall of Presidents)... framed up on a guest room wall.


Will work on getting a pic done and posted here for all to see, with closeups on various parts of it.


I also have most of the poster pins that were released back in 2003, up on the top of it, balanced just nicely, for DLR's 50th.

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I can't believe they took so much out just to put in the Crappy little Perilous plunge that most people don't even bother to go on because it soaks the crap out of you! Rip it out and use it to put in a roller coaster that every one will enjoy. THey still have big foot and the log ride to enjoy as water rides, and riptide, as well.


Kyle "They killed the park with Perilous Plunge" Fordham

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