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Steep UK discounts through Virgin Airways right now.

Jose Eber

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I used to do six to eight long haul flights a year with Virgin Atlantic and they really were much better than the other airlines I've used (Delta, BA, etc). I'm not overly keen on flying but the staff and amenities were always pretty good and made it much easier for me. Shame I can't use my employee discount for you guys for the June trip.

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Another sale fare, this time from United for the people near Chicago. They have an awesome e-fare deal almost every week to LHR. (And it's a round trip deal, too!)


Sample fares are for travel beginning December 5 through December 8, 2005 and returning December 12 through December 15, 2005. Additional taxes and fees apply.*


Baltimore (BWI) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (GIG) $854

Chicago (ORD) Frankfurt, Germany (FRA) $425

Chicago (ORD) London, England (LHR) $296

Chicago (ORD) Paris, France (CDG) $429

Los Angeles (LAX) Los Cabos, Mexico (SJD) $109

Los Angeles (LAX) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (GIG) $915

Los Angeles (LAX) Sao Paulo, Brazil (GRU) $915

Phoenix (PHX) Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (PVR) $199**

San Francisco (SFO) London, England (LHR) $371

San Francisco (SFO) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (GIG) $955

Washington, D.C. (IAD) Paris, France (CDG) $383

Washington, D.C. (IAD) Zurich, Switzerland (ZRH) $373


O'Hare to Heathrow round trip for $296? Wow... Thought I'd post these because they are some of the best international fare deals around, if any of you get the sudden urge to go somewhere soon.

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This is sweet, however, their site seems to suck. I keep getting page errors.


Edit: Someone want to inform me why there are $407.84 in fees and surcharges.


2 adults


209.00 each


Total taxes, fees, charges and surcharges. This includes the September 11th Security Fee of $2.50 per segment, and carrier imposed fuel and insurance surcharges.







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I had heard nothing but good about Virgin, until my parents flew them over the summer in their 'premium economy' and had a really crappy set of flights.


I think that they're good, but like anything, you can have a bad experience.


Winter fares are awesome...stupid summer being more than double!

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Virgin is o.k. I like their style, but 'E' is right -- anyone can have a crap experience. It happens


I think Skytrax though rated BA as better in their business class (technically Virgin's First is really business).


I totally missed Virgin's upper class discount fares --- saw them -- but, waited till I got more cash together and they were gone




Maybe BA has some good deals on First class airfare....


Jose "first class or no class" Eber

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^ BA's First Class on long-haul is amazing. I have a friend who works for BA and he managed to get me upgraded a couple of times.... Wow.


Premium Economy with Virgin is pretty damn good, but I've never flown in their Upper Class section, no way I could afford that. Was trying to save up some Tribe points to figure out a way of doing it but it's not gonna happen now. Oh well, back to my Lotto hopes!

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