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1. Alpengeist – Oldschool B&M forces, snappy inversions, massive height & speed.

2. Montu – Cool theming and layout (loop after the MCBR?!). Points docked for a slow 2nd half.

3. Talon – This coaster is a sleeper. Great layout featuring a little bit of everything. Extra points for the color scheme.

4. Great Bear – I've never understood the hate on this coaster - perhaps, in part, because I used to op at Hershey and ran it a few times (but mostly Skyrush). Super forceful, incredible layout given the topography, a visual and sonic icon of Comet Hollow. Unfortunately, that same topography made it kinda short.

5. B:TR – Only ever ridden the original. This thing is a force machine. Riding in a middle seat actually feels like you're in the Batmobile.


Honorable mention to Raptor (it's an amazing ride. It's also overrated to justify 2hr waits), Afterburn (the batwing!), and Top-Gun-Rename-O-Rama at Great America.

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Funny how dividing Banshee is. It's really a black sheep among B&M inverts. On top of having unique trains, it has a super unique layout and doesn't feature any traditional "flat spins," which I tend to really like. It's not snappy like the other inverts but I think it's still a great ride. Plus, the restraints are a HUGE improvement over all the other inverts.


The one ride I'm surprised more enthusiast's don't like is Silver Bullet. Other than the first drop, the layout is super forceful and unique. The ride fits in perfectly at a park that is better known for its theming than thrill rides, and its positioning really makes it stand out. The fact that it's at Knott's makes it seem bigger than it is, even when you ride. But above all, it's the smoothest B&M invert that I've ridden. No headbanging and no rattle, like it hit the sweet spot of B&M ride design.

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