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My opinion has slightly changed, I've gotten some really good Batman clone rides lately so


1. Raptor

2. Batman clones

3. Banshee

4. I need to ride more inverts

5. At least I haven't had the displeasure of riding an SLC yet

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Finally added some new ones, Montu and Banshee


1: Batman the Ride

2: Raptor

3a: Dueling Dragon Ice (Yes, it will forever be D.D.)

3b: Dueling Dragon Fire

4: Banshee

5: Great Bear


Banshee, I expected more. All I heard was how its an old school, super forceful B&M and while fun, eh can't say it was what I expected.

Montu for that matter, I found quite lacking in force. The backseat had some pull, front seemed forceless


Alpengeist I rode in 2000, I really cant say I remember it

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All the hatin' on Banshee is absurd! But again, it's like the silly GateKeeper hate... Enthusiasts who equate excessive forces that normal people would call "too rough" or "too intense" with how a coaster "should be", rate those coasters low. Enthusiasts who love a great overall ride experience, that deftly combines all forces in a measured and enjoyable manner, and pretty much all "normal" coaster riders (GP), love both coasters, and will rank them highly, if not at the top of their respective divisions. To each their own, but I am very thankful the old school Inverts like Raptor and the Batman clones appear to be a thing of the past, and that we're now blessed as humans with exciting and unique creations like Banshee! (Montu is still the crown jewel of the older Inverts, combining intensity, with a unique and exciting layout!)

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I mean, I liked Gatekeeper, and to this day one of my top rides continues to be MForce the perpetual butt of jokes and sincere insults from the enthusiast community, sooo idk about all that. Ya wanna you know, feel the ride. Banshee was great, fun ride and as someone who values layout I did really appreciate that part of it. But well, it did feel like a lot like flying smoothly through the air which well you can get that on a lot of things. I mean you say to each their own but then judge everyone who's opinions disagree Very enthusiast thing to do.


Personally I find it a bit silly that you find forcefulness a drawback and think a classic like Raptor is a "thing of the past" (but its here still and highly regarded?)

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^First off, I'm one of the least "enthusiast" people here, and my observations always bear that out, not that opposite, as you stated. Everyone IS entitled to their opinion, hence, "to each their own." However, some things (ie: force) are quantifiable, and NOT a matter of opinion. That statement has nothing to do with being an enthusiast, rather, being intelligent. I don't personally care if somebody's least favorite coaster is MF. To each their own. But to say it's force-less, is a false assertion. Fact. So that's where my differentiation is made. I'm also almost exclusively around people who are NOT enthusiasts, reinforcing my views I stated regarding how non-enthusiasts view coasters differently than enthusiasts. And again, I line up alongside the GP much more here, than the typical "enthusiast" viewpoints. So no, nothing I've said is a "very enthusiast thing to do." Quite the opposite, in reality.


As for the Inverts, I merely think people fall into two categories in regard to them. Either you prefer the more intense ride experience of the older models, or you prefer the layout focused experience of models like Banshee, Alpengeist, Great Bear, and Silver Bullet. Then you have Montu, which kind of gives you the best of both worlds. Again, to each their own. I don't think anybody is "less than" for preferring one over the other. I just know that many of the GP I've gone to CP with, don't care for the intensity of Raptor these days, and I know my kids, who have gone on a number of other Inverts around the country recently, also prefer the Banshee's and Montu's of the world over the Raptor's and Afterburns...


At the end of the day though, it's all just personal preference and opinion, so apologies to anybody feels those things were stepped on by my last post. Not my intent. I just marvel at how anybody can ride an amazing coaster creation like GateKeeper or Banshee, and not be impressed! But different strokes, for different folks, as they say...

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I've now been on enough Batman clones to have 5 B&M inverts to rank lol


1. Raptor - positive gs don't crank a headache, whip in the inversions is way too fun, all in all fantastic ride

2. Batman @ SFGAm - smoothest Batman clone, not too much positive g greyout like the SFOT one, best landscaping

3. Batman @ SFOT - feels faster than SFGAm's but a little too forceful so you can get a low grade SFOT headache™ without riding Titan, decent landscaping but not as good as Great America's

4. Goliath @ SFFT - a little less smooth than the other two, parking lot location, but otherwise rides more like the SFGAm one and is fun

5. Banshee - fun but I hate the vest restraints and the ride gave me a headache every time


Why am I overanalyzing Batman clones? honestly no clue

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Gotta love when enthusiasts get tweaked over being called an enthusiast.


Sorry DILinator, just breakin yer balls.


Haha! I'll be the first to admit that anybody posting on this site is an enthusiast, because nobody would bother with all this triflin' stuff if they weren't!


And yes, I actually find that amusing as well, since there's a lot of "enthusiast judgement" that goes on here, especially from some members, and I'm like "But you're here, so YOU are also an enthusiast, like it or not!"


I was more just responding to what I said being termed "enthusiast speak", when in fact, what I was saying runs counter enthusiast "hive mind", that's all...

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1. Black Mamba - Phantasialand

2. Batman: Arkham Asylum

3. Nemesis - Alton Towers

4. OzIris - Parc Astérix

5. Monster - Walygator Parc

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  • 1 year later...



1. Alpengeist

2. Montu

3. Dragon Challenge - Chinese Fireball (RIP)

4. Batman clones (the only one I've done is at SFoG but I imagine they're all pretty much the same)

5. Dragon Challenge - Hungarian Horntail (RIP)

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I rode Raptor again this past weekend for the first time in almost 5 years sooooo


1. Alpengeist

2. Montu

3. HITP Batman (SFGAdv)

4. Raptor

5. Regular Batman (SFGAdv)

6. Talon

7. Batman (SFOG)

8. Great Bear

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I recently rode my 5th B&M Invert. Here is my ranking:


1. Raptor - far and away, my favorite invert. It combines everything I like about the other inverts on this list: great first drop; long, fun layout; and old-school B&M intensity.

2. Banshee - this one has the best first drop out of the inverts I've ridden, mainly due to the lack of a pre-drop. I rode it several times last summer, and the drop caught me by surprise each time. The layout is fun, but it lacks intensity.

3. Batman the Ride - so far, I've only ridden SFMM's Batman clone, and it's definitely an under-rated ride. It has a short layout, but it does a lot with the small footprint. It's one of the few rides that causes me to gray out.

4. Flight Deck (CGA) - another under-rated ride. It's another old-school B&M with a short but intense layout. I give the edge to the Batman clones because they do a little bit more with their short layout than Flight Deck does.

5. Silver Bullet - while this is my least favorite invert, I do not dislike it. The layout is fun, but its lack of intensity makes it feel like a family coaster. I usually take a spin on it whenever I visit Knott's, but I don't stay on for multiple re-rides like I would with the others on this list.

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I have ridden 9 B&M Inverts with 3 of those being Batman clones (which all feel identical to me).


1. Banshee. I know this ride is a little controversial among Inverts, but I still love it. The first drop is fantastic, several of the inversions have good forces going in and out of them, and the final inline twist is a blast. I also like the restraints and think they work well on an inverted coaster. Oh, and the theme is awesome.


2. Afterburn. I suppose you could say this is my favorite "traditional" B&M Invert. The elements all flow perfectly, the batwing has insane whip, and the final corkscrew tries to rip your legs off.


3. Batman clones. I have ridden three (SFMM, SFGAdv, SFOG) and like them all equally. Super forceful and tons of fun.


4. Great Bear. I think this is the most underrated B&M Invert. The first three inversions are awesome, the lake fly-by is cool, and the final corkscrew has great whip. Yeah it does meander a little, but I like it's unique layout.


5. Raptor. It's a good ride, but there are some parts of the layout I'm not too fond of. The cobra roll is pretty uncomfortable, and the final snap into the brakes is... weird. I will say I love the first drop, loop, and zero-G roll though.


6. Flight Deck. This ride definitely brings the forces and whip of an old-school Invert, but I wish it had a few more elements. It just feels cut short.


7. Silver Bullet. I feel bad putting this one last because it's my most-ridden Invert and first B&M overall, but I will admit the first drop is very tame and the layout doesn't quite bring the "whip" of the '90s layouts. I still think it's a great ride though. Very smooth, awesome overbank turn and zero-G roll, and the corkscrew-helix finale is fantastic.


There isn't a B&M Invert I've ridden that I don't like. They're all great, just some more exciting than others.

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