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4. Raptor (kind of dull but the second half was better than the first)

Wow, that's interesting. It's actually my favorite invert and for me it's exactly the other way round. I find the first half great and the second not so good but overall not a dull ride at all.

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Only been on the 3 in California,


3. Batman SFMM-Kind of forceless and weird. Zero G roll doesn't whip hard enough.

2. Silver Bullet-Weirdest coaster I've ridden, first drop is spectacularly awful, but the ride is fantastic once you get past the cobra roll.

1. Flight Deck CGA-One of the most intense coasters in California, such a forceful drop and inversions. I gray out regularly

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I've only been on 3 and they are all very different.

1) Katun - Just huge and intense; for me a top five coaster

2) Black Mamba - Forceful loop and helices and the theming is outstanding

3) Nemesis Inferno - Worst B&M overall I've ever been on, Just forceless and boring. At least it's smooth.

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  • 3 months later...

I've only been on two, but here they are.

1. Patriot (WOF)- this is a very smooth ride, the first drop is wonderful, and even has some floater airtime.

2. Batman the ride (SFSTL)- this is just as smooth as patriot and has better theming, but for some reason I just did not enjoy the corkscrews. Make no mistake, this ride is great, but they just felt too snappy and out of place.

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Oh jeez.


I might be a bit biased with my list...LOL


So I can't decide which I like better so I will tie them at number 1.


1. Banshee


2. Talon

3. Horntail


4. Batman clones (I've ridden 4)

5. Afterburn


I usually just visit here as a guest, but this list made me feel incredibly validated in that you put Talon above Afterburn. I really don't think most people share that sentiment. Glad I'm not the only crazy one here and I commend you for your bravery.


Anyway, here's my top five:


5) Alpengeist - Best theme bar none. I mean, the whole idea of the inverted coaster is a runaway ski lift, right? I also dig the height and speed. Just wish the cobra roll and the turn into the mid-course brakes didn't make me want to die. Also, the helix finale's a bit underwhelming, especially compared to Raptor's.


4) Afterburn - I really wish this didn't start of with the "CLEAR FOR TAKEOFF" that was clearly voiced by a clinically depressed man on opiates. The anti-rollback is also deafening. Thankfully, most of the ride after is smooth, fast, and fun. I really thought this should've placed higher... that is, until I got around to the head-knocker of a corkscrew at the end, then I no longer thought it should've. Still a very good ride overall. Also, shark train > hawk train.


3) Talon - Now we're starting to get into "grinning from start to finish" territory. Got back on it for the first time in nine years last spring and was pleasantly surprised by how good it was; glass smooth, great elements, eye-popping colors, plus Dorney has the appeal of a gangrenous wound, so I seldom had to wait to ride it. If I had to find any flaws, it's not super high or long, and it creeps a bit between the helix (the first one) and corkscrew.


2) Banshee - A lot people give the new B&M restraints a lot of flack for not allowing for good airtime, and for coasters like Valravn, I can see where they're coming from. To me, though, B&M loopers are all about strong positive G's, and this one most definitely delivers on that front. The new trains are also wider, so no more more fighting for elbow space with your neighbor, and when you're going over the slow inline twist at the end, you WANT the restraint to pin you down. I do wish the vest wasn't quite so tight on my collarbones, though.


Anyway, Banshee boasts some truly awesome elements including the world's best zero-g roll (that's not my opinion - it's a veritable scientific fact), and it looks so graceful and fluid compared to older B&M inverts. One thing, though: How on Earth did it turn out so bumpy? Were the men who were hammering out the track pieces at Clermont phoning it in? I'd really like to see more second generation B&M inverts crop up (though there's hardly a park that doesn't already have one these days) to see what they're truly capable of.


One final complaint: if they run all three trains, the wait in the block brakes is interminable. If you're not going to have an exit platform, this is a situation where I really hate when the ride operator asks you how your ride was. Yes, it was good, but the adrenaline wore off about two hours ago.


Still, that zero-g roll is dreamy. Have I mentioned that?


1) Montu - I was between this one and Banshee (which I do still love, warts and all), but this coaster probably has the best marriage of height, speed, elements, and theming. Also, it's in Florida, which is better than Pennsylvania in nearly every conceivable way. Admittedly, I haven't been on this one since 2010, and the ride really seemed to lollygag after the loop in the trench, though I've read more recent reports that the mid-course brakes have been eased up a bit. Is that true? If so, this is probably a rock solid #1.


Hard to believe it was built in May of '96. In just a few months, it'll be old enough to drink.

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. . . Banshee (like flipping through a catalogue of B&M's inversions, slowly)



So true. I really don't understand why people rate Banshee so highly. Front row, back row, any other row, it's just so... meh.


The first drop, the slow inline roll, and the length/pacing is what sets Banshee apart from others in my opinion. And actually, I prefer the new B&M restraints when it comes to Inverts. It's not a "top 10" coaster, but it has some unique features going for it.

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^ Night rides are also amazing on Banshee. It takes the top spot for me. My top inverts are:


1) Banshee- Long, big variety of elements, decently forceful.

2) Dragon Challenge- Horntail- Amazing zero-G roll & unique layout.

3) Dragon Challenge- Fireball- Unique layout that doesn't let up.

4) Flight Deck- Most forceful invert and a great setting.

5) Talon- Goof first half & love the unique second half.


The other inverts I've been on that miss the list are 4 Batman clones, Alpengeist, Afterburn, Raptor, Great Bear, and Silver Bullet.

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Banshee is a divisive one, but I loved it. It was my favourite invert for a day, until I rode Raptor. I could ride Banshee all day, and the new restraints are a big improvement over the old ones. Operations are fantastic, and the variety of elements keeps the experience varied through to the end. It deserves the high praise it gets from a lot of people. The only thing it lacks is segments of high G's, so if you like your coasters intense, it will leave something to be desired. That may be why some rate it lower.

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Honorable Mentions:

Batman Clones- first invert, fun, not amazing

Great Bear- Home Park, cool location, unusual layout


5. Raptor- Intense and fun, a bit painful

4. Talon- Awesome drop, intense and compact

3. Dragon Challenge- Fire>Ice, both really fun, cool theming

2. Afterburn- Insanely intense, old school and compact

1. Alpengeist- Huge, favorite theming, favorite park, best location, soaring inversions (cobra roll doesn't bother me), intense ending, most photogenic, everything about this coaster is amazing (except the painful MCBR)


Alpengeist will forever be my favorite invert

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1) Montu - Intense all the way through!

2) Afterburn - I probably have the most fun on this one. Wish they turned the hill over the lift into another zero-g.

3) Alpengeist - Big, fast, snappy!

4) Raptor - My first B&M invert. Everytime I start to doubt it's intensity, it gives me a great ride.

5) Banshee - Best first drop, everything is very drawn out and graceful. I like some snap to the elements on the inverts. I also prefer the old restraints, new ones aren't bad though.


Honorable Mentions:

Great Bear





Dragon Challenge

Silver Bullet

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1. Montu @ Busch Gardens Tampa

2. Katun @ Mirabilandia

3. Dueling Dragons Fire @ Universal Orlando

4. Afterburn @ Carowinds

5. Monster @ Walygator Parc




6. Raptor @ Cedar Point

7. Dueling Dragons Ice @ Universal Orlando

8. Batman the Ride Clones

9. Top Gun (Flight Deck) @ California's Great America

10. Black Mamba @ Phantasialand

11. OzIris @ Parc Asterix

12. Silver Bullet @ Knotts Berry Farm

13. Talon @ Dorney Park

14. Great Bear @ Hersheypark

15. Patriot @ Worlds of Fun

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1. Montu-- The intensity of Raptor and scale of Banshee in the first half, transitioning with the most ridiculous batwing and a finale that could've been better but got the job done to keep it at the top of my list.

2. Raptor -- Great zero-g roll, snappy, smooth and intense all the through with a great final helix. Replace the cobra roll with Montu's batwing and this is my favorite invert.

3. Banshee -- Not as intense as the rest of this list, but it has its moments in the pretzel knot thingy. Love the sheer scale, length, sense of speed, and whip in the back. I don't mind the roughness in row 8 like most seem to, just the the inconsistent pacing/speed through the inversions and lack of a snappy corkscrew keep Banshee from the very top.

4. Batman -- Everything's been said--Montu intensity, the smoothest ride on this list (somehow), and great layout. Just short and lacking in scale to really be higher.

5. Talon -- A good mix of everything. I wish the intensity was kicked up a notch but it's incredibly re-rideable and a very interesting layout that isn't so inversion heavy.

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1: Fury 325

2: Kraken

3: Montu

4: Afterburn

5: Manta


I must of missed something when I rode Fury 325 because I dont reminder it being an Invert


I completely overlooked where it said Inverted....lol I'll take my time next post...lol

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