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My favorite invert isn't even a B&M...


...sooo honorable mention to Volcano


1. Raptor

2. the Batmen clones--these are seriously great rides, i'll lump them together to keep them from taking up my entire list

3. Montu

4. Fire Dragon

5. Ice Dragon


Talon and Patriot are also decent rides. Alpie is forceless. And I keep forgetting that I rode Great Bear. Must say something about the ride.

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1. Batman: The Ride (SFOT)

2. Flight Deck

3. Silver Bullet

4. Goliath

5. Patriot


Yeah, I like some of the creampuffs better than some of the supposedly intense inverts, and I like intensity. I enjoy Great White; I like Batman at SFGAm mostly for the setting, and I don't really care about the SFStL and SFMM Batmen.

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1. Afterburn-Carowinds

2. Alpengeist-Busch Gardens Williamsburg

3. Raptor-Cedar Point

4. Silver Bullet-Knott's Berry Farm

5. Flight Deck-California's Great America


Currently, the only other B&M Invert I've been on is SFMM's Batman (which I'm not a huge fan of). Since all the inverts I'll be trying in the near future will be Batman clones, this list is unlikely to change for some time.

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1. Alpengeist

2. Montu

3. Flight Deck

4. Chinese Fireball

5. Hungarian Horntail


(I suppose some would say that Dragon Challenge would be considered one, however I consider them two seperate rides.) Afterburn would go to #5 if the dragons were combined.

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