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First good coaster!

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So I'm kinda new to the roller coaster tycoon scene, and I know some of you are pros. So I was wondering, what do you think of my coaster? I'm always looking at ways to get better.




The soul reaper is a 10 inversion monster LIM launched coaster flying by at 65 mph. It loops under itself over and over again in the most white knuckled, stomach destroying, brain splattering 55 seconds of your life. That's right, upside down 10 times in 55 seconds. That's an inversion every 5 seconds.


Enjoy your ride on soul reaper.


(built with soaked and wild)


I know I didn't do any scenery but I suck at it. Create your own and it will definetly be better then mine.


Here's a photo: http://games.rollercoasterpro.com/index.php?act=file&fid=154

[LIMLaunched]The Soul Reaper.trk

Teh ride.

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I'll take a look at it later. I would say that you are probably starting out a bit too big. Try a little smaller and get a feeling for the way that the rides run and the way that the game portrays g-forces and intensity. That gives you a better idea of how to handle things when you get to this sort of size. BTW typically in RCT3 the peeps won't ride things that are much over 9 in intensity.

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Um, thats not entirely true. One of my friends built this monster that was like 124 for intensity and .3 for excitement. And low and behold peeps went on it. Crazy.... :shock:
BTW typically in RCT3 the peeps won't ride things that are much over 9 in intensity.


There are exceptions but they aren't terribly common.

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