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Funny EE Story

Jose Eber

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Some of you know I'm posting detailed information on a WDW fan site about the new Expedition Everest Ride. I'm not doing it here because I wouldn't think there would be much interest (really obscure details) maybe I'm wrong.


I'm talking to the folks who actually have ridden the attraction and imagineers on a daily basis.


Anywho -- this is a classic.


One of the head operators was saying how smooth it was (and I'm of course saying to myself yah, it better be -- its brand new!) and here was the kicker (remember this is a Vekoma creation).


She then goes on to explain "but you do get a bit of this" she makes a side to side motion with her head between her upraised arms, shaking them gruffly "but its just on the turns".




I thought that shaking syndrome was just a problem with aged Vekoma coasters, not new ones too! Oh I was a disbeliever, but after hanging around this site I realize Vekoma has a reputation (am more of a Disney fan than Coaster fan -- so I don't do many non disney coasters).

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oh, man that really sucks, i hope the headbanging isn't to bad!


I probably won't ride this coaster anytime soon, as i live in LA, but i really hope it doesn't show its vekoma side... it would suck BIGTIME for disney, and there would be no easy way to fix it.


then again, it would serve them right! maybe they'll finally get some more intamins!


(i think B&Ms are the better choice, but they are also probably less likely.

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Here's what I know so far.


4400 feet long.

Have 5 trains, operators hoping to get a 6th. Realistically though they might just be able to run 4 trains on a typical day.

Roughly 4 minute cycle time

62 second load unload, roughly a 3 minute ride.

Lift hill is variable speed -- you only hear the clickety clack on the beginning and end -- the middle part is like Millenium Force -- silent.

2 lift hills

Yeti is 20 feet tall, claws initially were too long and hit the 'safe zone' of the riders

waterfalls not working quite yet

Half the que is air conditioned

There are two separate ques, with different story lines for the fast pass and regular line

there is no single rider line

34 people per train

the train goes backwards at up to 40 mph

hmmm....what else?


All this information is from either the imagineers or people that have ridden it and are working with Vekoma/WDI right now in pre testing.


Again, expect technical rehearsals mid Feb (per a gentleman in the media I talked to today).


Have fun!



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What does it matter if EE has side-to-side motion? There are only lap bars. Next time you ride a Schwarzkopf with lap bars, notice how far your body/head is pushed around.


Revolution and its laterals were fine until they put on shoulder bars. Unless Disney is planning to retrofit EE with OTSR's, I don't think there's anything to worry about.


My $.02

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Has anyone ever given any thought to maybe laterals were designed into the ride to add to the overall theme of a run-away expedition?!


Um...she made a shaking motion with her head, not her body and didn't say, oh its like BTM! Y'all get pressed to the edges!


Head shake does not equal body pressin againzt the sidez, I would have not mentioned this story if she was obviously talking about something else.


I am impartial here.

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